SFC Q2 Comms Update: Spring 2017

SFC Q2 Comms Update: Spring 2017


As Discovery gets it’s new captain in veteran actor Jason Isaacs, we take a look at the latest additions to the cast and a close look behind the scenes Discovery starts production!

But while we gear up to the latest chapter of Trek, we also start to take a look back at where the expanded Trek universe began, The Next Generation as it celebrates it’s 30th anniversary!

The Spring 2017 edition also includes….
– Ira Behr’s DS9 Documentary breaks it’s funding goals!
– Lt Douglas Langstaff’s Guide to Optimising Duty Officers in STO!
– The Five Best Alien Empires (….and Beyond!)
– The Legacy of the Next Generation
– Recommended viewing including Logan, Doctor Who & Arrival

….as well as all the regular features including Fan Film Spotlight, Fleet Alert, Reporting for Duty and more including a packed calendar of conventions across the UK!

The Spring 2017 Edition of Comms is available to all logged in registered members at sfcq2.com/comms. To join SFC Quadrant 2 and gain access to Comms and all other members benefits, membership is completely free!

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