Something Old, Something New: Pegg gives insight into Beyond


Since JJ Abrahms first brought the new trek to screen, the franchise has aimed to attract the attention of as many new fans as it has dedicated Trekkies. We all have out favourite movies, the one that hooked us and brought us all in. For many in the 80’s Khan’s wrath opened the door to a new generation of fans while the 90’s had First Contact’s time travelling shenanigans as a introduction to all things Starfleet.

With Beyond hitting cinema’s in the 50th anniversary year, Co-writer and Star Trek fan Simon Pegg told MTV that he wants this film to be the one that hooks this generation of geeks and welcomes them to the fandom. to do this he says that while Beyond take splace in the new world of Star Trek, the franchise is going back to it’s roots to truly try to appeal to old and new fans alike.

“We always have agreed that the Enterprise would be off on its five-year mission, as well as making a film that lots of people could go see, and say, ‘Hey, what’s this Star Trek?’ and go back 50 years. For the people who have been there for 50 years, it was fun to make something they could see as part of that continuum.

We’re at pains to maintain the canon that we’ve created and the canon that exists for Star Trek. But never make it feel like it’s a closed show, that people aren’t welcome to come into it and buy a packet of chips or a bottle of milk.” -Simon Pegg

While not an easy task, Pegg is determined to marry the generations of fans and deliver something truly special with Beyond and going to new worlds that the 1960’s budget wouldn’t allow back in the dawn of the franchsie.

“You know, back in the day when Gene Roddenberry was making the show, he was banned by certain limitations. We’re finding ourselves less and less in that position now. Those ‘adventure worlds,’ as he called them that he wanted the Enterprise to go to, they can really go there now. And we’ve really gone there with this one.”

Source: MTV

The plot of the film is still a highly guarded secret, but according to hints by the cast and crew, Star Trek Beyond will see the Enterprise crew dealing with the strain of their five year mission as they meet their match; a man who’s against the beliefs and ideals of the Federation and feels it’s time to ‘push back’. The film is rumoured to push the boundaries of the Federation idealistic view of the universe as it clashes with another culture that don’t want their influence which could be a sign that Star Trek is back to mirroring problems of our own world.

Star Trek Beyond is in cinema’s July this year with a full trailer being released May 20th.

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