Celebrating 50 Years!


“A dream that became a reality and spread throughout the stars…

Fifty years ago today the world was introduced to a new adventure as James Kirk sat in the captains chair of the Starship Enterprise for the first time, ready to boldly go where no man has gone before!

The first broadcast of Star Trek on September 8th 1966 led to three seasons, the third demanded by fans in a massive letter writing campaign, two seasons of the animated series, a film franchise and four spin off series with a fifth currently in development.

Star Trek was a small show that became a huge part of modern culture, not just for the worldwide recognition of the classic style and quips, but the ideas it presented began to filter into the modern world as communicators inspired mobile phones, warp drive became an impossible dream that now may not be so impossible, and the multi-cultural crew became a beacon of peaceful diversity in a turbulent era that still rings true today.

Today we celebrate fifty years of adventure, imagination and ideas that have brought everyone at SFC together and inspired countless people worldwide.

So lets raise a glass of green stuff and make a toast to the cult show that became a phenomenon, not just to celebrate the past fifty years, but the future of Trek yet to come.

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This month we’re celebrating with an anniversary edition of our quarterly members magazine, featuring a look at worldwide celebrations, profile the creator Gene Roddenberry, listing the best and worst of Trek merch, looking at the Best of the Bad and much more including a members spotlight, Fleet news, Reviewing Beyond & Agents of Yesterday and taking a look at everything we know so far about Discovery! Click here to learn more!

We also have a flurry of activities across our social media platforms, including our members only Starbase Europa facebook group bringing members from across the UK together on this landmark day, plus Director of Administration Mark Mitchell taking part in Radio 5 Breakfast (available on iPlayer!)


SFC Will be maknig appearances throughout the day to celebrate the landmark occasion including:

  • Sovereigns David Shires will be on BBC Belfast at 5:45pm.
  • Director of Administration Mark Mitchell will be back on BBR Radio 5 this evening at 9pm
  • Director of Communications James Tyler will be appearing on STV News at 6 & Reporting Scotland at 10pm on STV!
  • Tune in and let us know how you’re celebrating at our Social Media Channels

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