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Ever since CBS announced that Star Trek would return to TV, fans all over the world have been waiting impatiently to find out more. After a long wait and only news from the writers room hirings, executive producer Bryan Fuller has finally began lifting the curtain after a big reveal at SDCC followed by more at the Television Critics Association Summer Tour.

Between his appearance at a special anniversary panel at San Diego’s massive Comic Con event and an interview session at the Television Critics Association Summer tour, executive producer Bryan Fuller has been eagerly letting more information slip through for the highly anticipated return of Star Trek to the small screen.

The new show, announced to the SDCC crowd as Star Trek Discovery, will follow a new crew on a new set of adventures. While there has been a lot of speculation and rumour as to where this will all fit into the Trek world, especially with a believe that this would all take place well after the Next Gen era, Discovery won’t be zooming into the far future, but taking Star Trek back to it’s roots in the 23rd century.

Ever since CBS announced the show the time period has been heavily debated and considered by the creative team. Executive producer Alex Kurtzman was unsurprisingly keen on going further ahead, even supporting an old concept to be proposed to CBS based in the 26th century during a rebuilding of the Federation.

The era and timeline was wide open with multiple options available. They could jump ahead to the 25th century or further, filll a gap such as the time between the original series and Next Generation, or even indulge in the fresh and untapped world in the Kelvin universe. The possibilities were endless, but it seems much like the recent revival of the film franchise, Discovery will be taking the TV branch of Star Trek back to it’s roots.

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