The Best of Trek!

The Best of Trek!


On the build up to our latest issue of Comms, members of SFC Quadrant 2 taking part in our Facbeook group have been voting for the Best of Trek.

Using fan created polls throughout the years and suggestions form members, the best and highest rated episodes of all five Trek series have been picked out and put into battle in a knockout tournament. Over the past week members have been asked to choose their favourites in the first four groups. Each of the qualifying groups contains one highly rated episode of each series. Members can vote on their favourites and the winner moves onto the next stage.

At the half way mark we’ve seen the first four groups dominated by the original series with the only non-TOS winner being DS9’s time travelling anniversary special Trials and Tribbleations! Tonight we’ll see if the odds can be balanced by the other series as we close group five which includes DS9’s Siege of AR-559 and Next Generations Chain of Command.

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