Casting News: Three Discovery Crewmembers Announced!

In a surprise announcement, has confirmed the announcement of Michelle Yeoh for the next Star Trek series and announced two more cast members to join Star Trek Discovery!

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After a leak from a throwaway line courtesy of consulting producer Nicholas Meyer and speculation following from Deadline, CBS have confirmed that Michelle Yeoh will indeed be joining the cast. While the previous rumour had her listed as Han Bo, the Crouching Tiger star will portray Captain Georgiou, captain of the Federation starship Shenzhou.

In confirming Yeoh’s role on the show, CBS have also announced two Discovery crew members in Doug Jones and Anthony Rapp.

Jones comes aboard as Lieutenant Saru, a science officer within Starfleet and an alien never before seen in the Star Trek universe. Jones’ credits include Pans Labyrinth, The Gentleman in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Abe Sapien in Hellboy and much more.

Likely working alongside Jones on the show, Anthony Rapp will also come aboard as a Lieutenant and a science officer. Rapp is set to take the role of Lt Stamets, an astromycologist and fungus expert on the starship Discovery. Having appeared in films such as Six Degrees of Separation and A Beautiful Mind, Rapp is well known for his work on stage and will be an excellent addition to the cast of our latest Star Trek series!

Star Trek Discovery is set to begin filming this month with the show making it’s debut in May 2017. Q2 members can view Discovery on Netflix with a 24 hour delay to the US-only CBS All Access broadcast.

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