The Klingons Are Coming! Three More Actors Confirmed for Discovery!


CBS has offered another surprise announcement after their recent cast reveal, bringing us three more actors for the new series, Star Trek Discovery. And this time, they’re not from the Starfleet world…

Announced at, Chris Obi, Shazad Latif and Mary Chieffo have been named as the Klingon portion of Discovery.

Playing the part of T’Kumva is Chris Obi. Known in the UK for small roles in The Peter Serafinowicz Show and alongside Matt Smith in Doctor Who, Obi has also starred as the man in the Mirror of Snow White And the Huntsman, the recent revival of Roots and will appear as Mr. Jacquel in Bryan Fuller’s Neil Gaiman Adaption American gods.

Obi’s character in the show, T’Kumva, is a prominent Klingon leader seeking to unite the erratic houses of the Klingon Empire. An intriguing element to the shows set up that has a lot of potential to further explore the culture seen in Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and even glimpsed thorugh Enterprise.

Joining Obi on the Klingon side of the show is T’Kumva’s protoge Kol played by Shazad Latif. London-born Latif has been in prominent roles in recent years including Dr Kassar My Mad Fat Diary, Tarig Masood in MI-5 and as Dr. Henry Jekyll in Penny Dreadful as well as capturing other rules in film and television.

Rounding off the trio of Klingon announcements is Mary Chieffo as L’Rel, battle deck commander of the Klingon ship. The second generation actor is an up and coming performer who has made a strong presence in independent films including Girls Girls Girls and Miss Dial!

The newly announced Klingon Trio join Michelle Yeoh, Anthony Rapp & Doug Jones on the next Star Trek show. Star Trek Discovery is set to begin filming this month with the show making it’s debut in May 2017. Q2 members can view Discovery on Netflix with a 24 hour delay to the US-only CBS All Access broadcast.

You can find out more on these actors and further information about Star Trek Discovery in the next issue of member-exclusive e-magazine Comms, due to drop next week! Join the conversation and join one of the longest running Star Trek clubs in the world – membership is free!

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