More Casting News for Discovery!

More Casting News for Discovery!

After the news that Rainn Wilson would be appearing in Discovery as the legendary Harry Mudd, there’s more casting news to come. In a recent interview, Wendy Crewson announced that she’ll be taking up the role of an Admiral on Star Trek Discovery!

“I’m gonna be the Starfleet Admiral, so that means I’m the real big boss!”

With dozens of credits to her name including Dr Dana Kinny in Saving Hope, Helen Crowley in Revenge, Dr Packard in 24 and Katherine Warren in sci fi drama Ascension among many more, Crewson’s experience and talents will add massively to the authority of one of Starfleets top brass!

In addition to Crewson, Doug Jones may have also revealed another member of the Discovery crew through twitter.

While Michelle Yeoh and Sam Vartholomeos have both been announced as captain and helmsan of the USS Shenzou, Jimmy Chimarios name has not been officially confirmed or announced as yet. Despite this several members of the production team have shared the image giving a light confirmation that Chimarios has joined the team!

Discovery is set to launch on Netflix in the UK later this year and several stars, including Chris Obi who is aboard as the Klingon leader T’Kumva, have teased that we’ll have more information very soon with San Diego Comic Con announcements pending.

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