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The Legacy of the Next Generation


Decades after the original crew launch their five year mission, 1987 introduced us to a new era of Star Trek as Captain Jean Luc Picard took centre stage of an all new Enterprise.

The relaunch of the series was a bold move, replacing the lovable figures of the original crew with an all new cast, including an Android and a Klingon on the bridge! At the time it was a shocking change, but now for many of us, this is the Star Trek we grew up with.

Despite initial hesitation, 30 years later the Next Generation is one of the most iconic of the franchise.

Long after the original series was cancelled, Kirk and crew had found new life on the big screen. By 1986 they were on their fourth instalment of the film franchise and the popularity was at an all time high. Paramount began to wonder, is it time to get Star Trek back on TV?

In the latest issue of Comms we look at the origins of the Next Generation, how it gave new life to the Star Trek franchise, not only by bringing Star Trek back to our televition screens, but re-inventing the show and bringing new life through further spin offs over the years.

You can read in full in the Spring 2017 edition Comms, free to all members of SFC Quadrant 2. Our latest issue also looks at the latest incarnation of Trek, Discovery, and it’s new cast members as production begins and a lot more including the latest DS9 documentary, news and reviews from Star Trek’s ongoing novel series as well as more from across all sci fi!

The Spring 2017 Edition of Comms is available to all logged in registered members at To join SFC Quadrant 2 and gain access to Comms and all other members benefits, membership is completely free!

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