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Star Trek Online Launches Season 13!

Star Trek Online Season 13

Launching their 13th season, Perfect World’s Star Trek Online brings Escalation to the PC! The free to play MMO’s 13th season continues the new Tzenkethi War arc with an all new featured episode, combat zones and more!

Today, Perfect World Entertainment announced Season 13 – Escalation is now available on PC for their free-to-play MMORPG Star Trek Online. The new season includes a new featured episode continuing the Tzenkethi War story arc, improvements to matchmaking, class-specific set gear, and the new War Games system, which allows players to team up in competitive PvE scenarios.

Here is how Perfect World describes the Season 13 storyline:

Alongside extensive balance changes to the career specifics and abilities in game, the latest season is focused on players working together with a new ‘War Games’ system in place, putting teams against each other in special PVE scenarios. Players are challenges to work as a team against a rival team to solve puzzles, race through the galaxy and earn rewards including class specific ships!

You can read full details about the new season developments at STO’s Official site.

Console Updates

Console players on XBox One and PS4 have recently been introduced to the Tzenkethi with Season 12: The Reckoning launching earlier this month. The Reckoning features the latest Star Trek alumni coming to STO as Tony Todd joins the team as Rodek, a legendary Klingon Commander who’s skill is needed when we come face to face with the Tzenkethi!

Season 12 features a new features episode, Of Signs and Portents, new PVE enviroments Gravity Kills & The Tzenkethi Front and much more including the Con’cra space battlezone, Lukari Reputation and new R&D missions! You can read more in full at the STO Development Blog.

With the console releases coming in thick and fast, but still lagging behind console updates, STO’s Executive Producer Steven Ricossa has been eager to lessen the gap between PC and console releases in the coming months, mentioning;

With the release of Season 12, you’ll notice that content is coming out sooner and sooner on Xbox One and Playstation 4. Soon, you won’t have to wait long at all to enjoy all of the great new content that comes out every month for Star Trek Online. It’s been fantastic to see Star Trek Online grow and change while on Xbox and Playstation consoles, and bringing the console version to content parity with the PC version has been a goal from the start. I’m incredibly excited to see that we’ve achieved that goal, and will continue to bring fresh content and updates into the console space for free.

Lt Langstaffs Top Tips for STO

Whether you’ve been a long term player or are new to the Star Trek Online Experience, the Sovereign’s chief engineer and first officer has kindly shared his experience as a veteran of the game with members of Quadrant 2! Lt Langstaff has amassed an incredible knowledge of the intricacies of the game and is listing the best ways to get the most out of it to players old and new!

The Top Tips for STO are available to read now in Q2 Comms with our Winder 2016/17 issue starting the series with ten essential tips on avdancing in the game and the latest edition, Spring 2017, featuring Lt Langstaff’s guide helping to optimise the duty officers system; a valuable resource for all players!

You can read in full in the Spring 2017 edition Comms, free to all members of SFC Quadrant 2. Our latest issue also looks at the latest incarnation of Trek, Discovery, and it’s new cast members as production begins and a lot more including the latest DS9 documentary, news and reviews from Star Trek’s ongoing novel series as well as more from across all sci fi!

The Spring 2017 Edition of Comms is available to all logged in registered members at To join SFC Quadrant 2 and gain access to Comms and all other members benefits, membership is completely free!

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