SFC Q2 Comms Update: Summer 2017


On the eve of Discovery we take a look at all we’ve learned in recent months from producer interviews, actor insights and the stunning trailer! We also take a look at the new lead, Michael Burnham, how Star Trek began became a franchise with TNG and the most iconic Starfleet women to date!

We take a close look at the new Star Trek Bridge Crew simulator as part of our Holodeck games update which also includes Star Trek Online, Timelines, State of Decay 2 and highlights from E3. Admiral Mark Mitchell makes a call to action for all of SFC Quadrant 2 in Fleet Alert; plus more fleetwide news, competitions and meetups!

Summer 2017 Edition Includes:

– On Screen featuring The Orville, American Gods & Wonder Woman
– Become a Warrior with Star Trek Timelines
– Sense8’s Cancellation & Return
– Event Report from Glenrothes Comic Con

– Discovery Production & Casting updates
– Comic Book Spotlight & The Latest Trek books
– Fan Film Spotlight including Continues & Pacific 201
– A preview of LFCC and a fleetwide meetup opportunity

The Summmer 2017 Edition of Comms is available to all logged in registered members at sfcq2.com/comms. To join SFC Quadrant 2 and gain access to Comms and all other members benefits, signing up is quick and easy and membership is completely free! Click here to join Starfleet Command!

ADM JT Marczynka, DoFA
Creator of things, writer of words, caffeine addict. Director of Communications for Starfleet Command Quadrant 2.

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