Boldly Go…

Boldly Go…

Captains Chair

Do you have what it takes to sit in this chair? In our latest edition of Comms we cover what it takes to lead a unit within SFC and give a sneak peek at new plans to revive local units in popular areas after our massive fleet wide orginisation in recent years.

With a new show taking the world by storm and new opportunities within SFC, there’s no better time to step up to the challenge and lead a new crew into the next generation of Star Trek!

You can read all about new proposals for units and our new outposts plan, as well as stats and figures from 2017’s new membership sign ups as well as fleet wide news, a breakdown and introduction to the Academy and much more in our new issue of Comms!

Comms is available to read online or download for all levels of membership within Quadrant 2. Logged in members can visit our Comms page or Downloads section for access. If you’re not a member of Quadrant 2, you can join today and enjoy all of our membership benefits for free!

For further information on SFC or our unit orginisation, feel free to contact the ADMB directly.

VADM Tyler, DoFC
Creator of things, writer of words, caffeine addict. Director of Communications for Starfleet Command Quadrant 2.

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