SFC Q2 Comms Update: Spring(ish) 2018

Breaking down the first season of Discovery, we take a close look at the second chapter with episode reviews, find the shows highlights so far, recap season two and in a full season review, tackle the big question; is it proper Star Trek?

New Year 2018 Edition Includes:

  • On Screen featuring Lost in Space, Black Panther, Star Trek 4 & More
  • A Bold New Enterprise!
  • Retro Reviews: The 2009 Star Trek reboot & 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • Fleet Alert with the USS Tesla & Quarterly Report
  • Departmental Reports including Douglas Langstaff’s Sovereign Plans & Quarter Masters Review
  • Comic Book Spotlight, The latest Trek books from IDW and Sci Fi book review!
  • Fan Film Spotlight

…plus much more!

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VADM Tyler, DoFC
Creator of things, writer of words, caffeine addict. Director of Communications for Starfleet Command Quadrant 2.

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