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The Star Trek Online Summer Event Is Here!

It’s that time of year again where the Captains of Star Trek Online take a break from the big chair to spend some R&R on Risa!

Every year STO brings a month of fun and games on the pleasure planet with a chance to unlock unique costumes, pets and earn a new Tier 6 ship, and this year the Deep Space Nine anniversary celebrations are bringing Sisko’s favourite passtime to the forefront.

This years rewards include:

  • Baseball Uniforms: Based on the DS9 episode ‘Take Me Out to the Holosuite’, including the Niners, Vulcan Logicians and two new teams; the Ferengi Liquidators and Caitan Claws.
  • Powerboards: All new designs based matching the baseball theme.
  • New Food Items: Well, we can’t have baseball without hot dog, can we?
  • KitModules: Career specific modules based on the Risian terraforming technology
  • And much more!
  • Among the festivities, Captains can also take part in the Floater Challenge; a race around Risa’s skylines to earn Lohlanut Prize Voucers. These voucers can be collected and exchanged for the new event rewards, the Vorgon Tyjara Dreadnought Cruiser.

    The unique Summer event Tier 6 Ship comes with a sturdy hull, unique mastery abilities, and a hanger filled with Vorgon Echentis Frigates and most importantly; a free tier 6 ship is always a bonus to have!

    Unlike last years gap, this year the Summer event is available on both console and PC simultaneously and will launch on all platforms on July 3rd.

    You can find out more details on the prizes and the event from

    The Summer edition of Comms will have a full breakdown and review of the Summer event as well as a close look at the Victory is Life Expansion. Victory is Life is available now to PC players and will launch on XBox One and PS4 on July 24th.

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