New Look Saurians and more for Discovery Season 2!

New Look Saurians and more for Discovery Season 2!

Right now production for Discovery’s second season is in full swing and much like the debut season, everything is being kept more secret that Garak’s big box of secrets. But once again EW has been able to give us a glimpse into the work ongoing in a new feature in their latest issue.

Much like last years sneak peek, very little has been revealed. Their lead in image (above)) shows Commander Burnham on board the Enterprise. The image is labelled as being taken on the bridge and matches the reddish paintwork we saw from the preview trailer posted soon after production began.

As we know from the final moments of season one and the preview, the Enterprise will play a part in the early episodes with it’s stark new design, reimagined uniforms and with Anson Mount taking the chair as Captain Christopher Pike.

EW’s Comic Con preview issue also gives us a look at a new addition to Discovery’s line up; Lieutenant Linus, the first Saurian to appear since the run of original movies starting from 1979. While we know absolutely nothing of Linus, the redesign of the Saurians is an impressive change that follows the bold new make up design for the Klingons, as well as the minor tweaks from Andorians and Tellerites.

With San Diego Comic Con’s huge event coming soon, we expect to hear much more from the second season of Discovery. The Summer edition of Comms will be released soon after with a massive breakdown of the big announcements. Comms is available to all members of Quadrant 2 – and membership is free!

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