USS Tesla NCC-74053

USS Tesla: Shakedown Cruise Successful!

Shakedown Cruise Report

USS Tesla: Shakedown Cruise Successful!

Attention all hands!

Earlier this year, Scotlands strong history within Quadrant 2 was revived with the launch of the USS Tesla.

After a successful shakedown cruise, myself and the Admiralty Board are proud to confirm the USS Tesla as a fully active unit well on her way towards her mission!

In recognition of his sterling work in bringing the group together and leading the unit, CO Fraser Stevenson is promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander with immediate efffect.

The Tesla crew were also awarded with a joint commendation for their work to, establish the unit, and in particular for representing the fleet at Glenrothes Comic Con 2018.

Congratulations Commander and to the crew of the Tesla! I believe your science officer is arranging a time share for your ships commendation certificate (not pictured) and also has first dibs!


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