SFC Q2 Comms Update: DS9 Anniversary 2018 Edition

SFC Q2 Comms Update: DS9 Anniversary 2018 Edition

Celebrating 25 years of Deep Space Nine, we take a look back at Emissary, how DS9 changed the Star Trek franchise and take a look at DS9’s five finest hours of television!

As we look back on one show’s legacy, we’re also getting excited to more legacies being built as we look twards the untitled Picard Project, Short Treks and Season 2 of Discovery!

Plus we have a very special competition where both old and new Trek’s collide as SFCQ2 members have the chance to win a Section 31 pin!

The #DS925 Edition Includes:

  • On Screen Reviews & Previews featuring The Predator, Luke Cage Season 2, Solo & much more
  • For the Uniform: Part One of a new series of features taking a close look of Starfleet’s finest fashions
  • Retro Reviews: DS9’s Emissary & Event Horizon
  • Fleet Alert including changes of command for Churchill and Sovereign; Tesla’s confirmation & welcoming the ISS Newcastle
  • Departmental Reports including Comms, Science Report & Quarter Masters Review
  • Comic Book Spotlight, The latest Trek books from IDW and Sci Fi book review!
  • STO Age of Discovery Previews & Victory is Life Review

….and of course all our regular updates, features, games, book reviews, comic book spotlight and loads more!

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