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First Cast Announced for Picard Series

In the run up to the upcoming Picard-focused Star Trek series announced in August last year, CBS has announced two of the new cast members that will join Sir Patrick Stewart in his new voyage.

Welcome Aboard!

Recognisable for being the apocalypse painting Isaac in Heroes, as Lancelot in BBC series Merlin and more recently in shows such as Little Big Lies and Salvation, Venezuela-born British actor Santiago Cerbera has had an eclectic career split between the UK and US that is now taking him to the stars as part of the new Star Trek line up.

Joining Cabrera in the first casting announcement is Michelle Hurd, an actor with just as eclectic a career with recent appearances in Daredevil, Ash vs The Evil Dead, Hawaii Five-0 and much more including recurring roles on high profile shows such as Law and Order SVU, ER and the revived 90210. The New York based actor brings a vast range of experience to the screen as part of Picard and a welcome addition to the early cast announcements.

Initially announced via CBS All Access and later confirmed by, Cabrera and Hurd are so far the only two cast members announced so far aside from Patrick Stewart and have been announced without any character names or information.

Despite not being announced in any particular roles, the actors do match up to some of the unconfirmed character lists released by That Hashtag Show over the weekend, particularly Hurd who fits into the role of Alana, however those casting call lists remain unconfirmed by CBS.

Ready To Engage

Aside from the cast announcements, Production Weekly also gave some insight into exactly where the new series would be filming. As previously announced, the show won’t be filming in Toronto alongside Discovery but in California. However it’s now been revealed that the series will begin filming April 14th at Santa Clarita Studios, the same location where Stewart filmed his talk show based comedy Blunt Talk.

It’s also been announced that Hanelle Culpepper will direct the first episode of the new show – which still remains without a confirmed title – and that Jonathan Frakes will be joiing the directors list for the series.

With the filming date so close by, casting underway and the production crew coming together, things are moving swiftly for the next instalment of Star Trek!

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