Star Trek Picard Key Art Revealed

Star Trek Picard Key Art Revealed

Ahead of the massive Star Trek Universe Panel to be hosted in the iconic Hall H of San Diego Comic Con, CBS released new artwork for Star Trek: Picard.

Following the previous poster of the Picard Vinyard, altered in the pattern of the traditional Starfleet Delta, the new images show Patrick Stewart as Picard in the same landscape with a canine companion and burning planets in the skyline.

With little known for certain about Star Trek: Picard as yet, the Star Trek Universe panel is likely to spill some secrets and give us some insight into what Picards latest adventure will be. The Universe Panel lasts from 11:30am-1pm (local time) on Saturday July 20th in Hall H starting with Star Trek Discovery Season 3; Lower Decks and finishing on Star Trek: Picard.

SDCC will also be hosting exhibits across the weekend including a ‘First Duty’ exhibit featuring iconic flashbacks from Picards history.

From snippets we have heard so far is that the destruction of Romulus – the catastrophic event that pulled Nero and Spock back in time to create the alternate ‘Kelvin’ timeline – is key to the new show’s premise and that Picard is no longer a captain, but a retired Admiral who’s suffering from, what seems to be, personal failure and a loss of faith in his mission.

“I think we’ve found a story that honors everything that people love about the character, but in ways that are not what you expect and yet, become more and more familiar as the show goes.” Kurtzman told Deadline’s Casting Call Podcast in a recent interview posted on our Facebook Page “A lot has happened to Jean-Luc Picard in the intervening years. There’s been a lot going on and he’s had to deal with some new things, he’s had to deal with some old things, and both of those things kind of come colliding together.”

Kurtzman continued, “He’s made choices that he’s not necessarily feeling great about — and yet I think the audience will understand exactly why he made them.”

Starring Sir Patrick Stewart in the title role, Star Trek Picard also stars Michelle Hurd, Alison Pill, Santiego Carbera, Harry Treaway, Isa Briones and Evan Evagora. The pilot episodes were directed by Hannelle Culpepper with two more directed by Next Generation star Jonathon Frakes.

The show’s official release date is yet to be confirmed, but the orginal goal was October this year with hints that it could come any time between October and May 2020. Picard will air on Amazon Prime in the UK & Europe.

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