Invictus: New Unit Launches in the North East

Invictus: New Unit Launches in the North East

Invictus: New Unit Launches in the North East

Invictus: New Unit Launches in the North East

After several months of planning from it’s new Commanding Officer, we’re pleased to announce that Quadrant 2’s newest unit officially launches as of today!

Captained by Justine Torrance, the Invictus is launching in the North East and has already seen several transfers join its founding crew!¬†Entering their shakedown Voyage, we’re thrilled to see the new start up in one of the busiest areas within the UK and are excited to see where the unit goes with such a fine crew and strong leadership in Justine!

The North East has had a long and storied history within the fleet and has historically been one of the busiest area’s with some of the finest crews. Previously the USS Northumberland was leading the North until a mass shakeup in 2016 saw the unit absorbed into a larger region under the USS Sovereign.

The launch of the Invictus is the second unit to break off into it’s own crew, following Scotland’s USS Tesla, giving members and fans in the North East a chance to get together and make new connections with fellow fans across the region. Much like Scotland, Invictus will offer the chance for it’s founding members to re-shape SFC operations in the region and have the honour of following their predecessors in bringing a new era to SFC!



Members that fall within the catchment of Invictus – everyone within the NE post code – have been formally invited to transfer to the new unit. Those who have replied have already several have taken up the offer of the new assignment and have been transferred accordingly.

Due to our changing data management system, some may have been left out or may have missed the email. If you’re in the catchment and want to transfer but haven’t received instructions, please either email Admin directly¬† or submit a transfer request through the Account Section of the Membership Hub.

If you’re not a member of SFC and wish to join the opportunity to take part in the new unit, you can sign up today! Visit our Enlistment page to find out more or join.


From all of us at the Admiralty Board and SFCQ2, we wish Justine and the Invictus the best of luck as the crew enter their shakedown cruise. We all look forward to watching the crew grow over the next six months and look forward to their official confirmation!

Congratulations to all, and Godspeed!

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