Discover Season 3: Discovery Teaser Trailer Launched at NYCC

Discover Season 3: Discovery Teaser Trailer Launched at NYCC

Flung further than we’ve ever seen before, Discovery is set to arrive nearly a thousand years in the future when it returns next year, and at NYCC we got our first glimpse of the third season of Star Trek’s flagship show.

Filled with familiar faces, including Trill’s and Cardassians, the third season looks to show us what the future holds for the Star Trek civilisations and how things turn out at a time when Starfleet is seen as ‘ghosts’. Is Starfleet no more in 930 years? Did the Federation survive? And how will the crew react as this new world reacts to them?

Discovery Season 3 is set to launch next year on CBS All Access in the US, and Netflix here in the UK & Europe.

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