New Trailer & Release Date for Star Trek: Picard

New Trailer & Release Date for Star Trek: Picard

As the stars of Trek gathered for New York Comic Con, fans eager to see the next adventure of the Next Generation’s Captain Picard were given a new glimpse into the retirement of Picard, with a closer look at what to expect from the show.

As well as giving us a glimpse into the returning Will Riker, and a better look at Seven of Nine’s ore humanised and rebellious character change, the trailer gave us a new glimpse at the conflict between Starfleet and Picard; a new look at the Le Sirena and it’s crew and much more.

With a launch date now announced, we can expect to see the return of Picard on January 23rd in the United States on All Access, while here in the UK we’ll see it the very next day – January 24th – only on Amazon Prime Video.

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