Starfleet Academy Undergoes An Overhaul

Throughout the year we’ve been taking on a lot of feedback on our Academy program and listening closely to what members old and new had to say on the process. After some deep reflection on how the system operates, as well as mirroring up it’s purpose in the current fan world, we’ve made a few changes…

For decades Starfleet Academy has been one of the most unique introductions to the club and how we mirror the idea of following a Starfleet structure for our membership rewards. However, it is also a very time consuming task for our Academy Team who would regularly fall behind with a huge influx of members every year. Despite all efforts, that issue was an overwhelming one to face and we wanted to make sure no one was left behind or left waiting any longer and that we could find another way of going forward with Academy without risk of delay.

Another concern we had was that the Academy course – an immersive series of exams based on the history and technology of the future – could seem exclusionary to new fans. A simple way to fast track your first membership reward is a great idea, but as Star Trek grows, so has it’s fan base. In the past ten years Star Trek has been able to reach out to new generations of fans, some of whom come to SFC not to share their knowledge and appreciation of the Trek world, but to discover more of it and find a connection with people who can share their journey into strange new worlds.

Whether you grew up watching the original series in it’s first run, or just started watching Discovery last week; SFC is for everyone. And as an induction, there were several factors that made Academy seem a chore rather an a welcoming experience. Taking the above, and several other factors into consideration, the Introduction to SFC has been given a massive overhaul…


For a full breakdown of whats new, SFCQ2 Members can read a full breakdown and explanation in the Fleet Alert section of our Members Hub or by visiting the Members Blog (users must be logged in to view).

The new Academy is now open for all members to review. Registered and logged in members can visit Starfleet Academy now.  If you’re not a member and have an interest in joining our community, you can visit our Enlist Today page for more information.

With Academy now in somewhat of a live test, we are of course appreciative of any and all member feedback to help refine and improve the service as we move forward into 2020.

VADM Tyler, DoFC
Creator of things, writer of words, caffeine addict. Director of Communications for Starfleet Command Quadrant 2.

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