The Prime Directive: How and where to watch Star Trek Picard

Picard Launches on Amazon Prime Video

The Prime Directive: How and where to watch Star Trek Picard

Picard Launches on Amazon Prime Video

In just a matter of days one of the most legendary Captains of the Star Trek franchise is making his return! The CBS All Access series is heading to it’s host subscription service in the UK alongsie Star Trek Discovery, however for the rest of the world, we’re heading to Amazon!

Long retired and well past his prime, the former Captain of the Enterprise is living out his twilight years on the family vineyard. Disillusioned with Starfleet, and racked with guilt for his past mistakes, Picard is pulled back into action when a young woman arrives and asks for his help; urging Picard to head back into the unknown; a journey that will take him through mysteries, conspiracies oh, and the Borg!

The series will begin on Amazon Prime Video from January 24th – one day after it’s launch in the United States through All Access. For those unfamiliar with the streaming service, you can begin a 30-day free trial for the streaming subscription which is priced at £7.99 per month. Find out more at Amazon.

You can view the full trailer below:

With the premiere of the show hitting the UK and an advertising effort which included Amazon transforming Picadilly tube station into Picardilly, we as always urge those who avoid spoilers to beware! SFCQ2’s social media channels will operate a spoiler free policy with post-episode analysts being contained to our Picard Spoilers & Discussion group, available to all members via Starbase Europa or our Facebook page.


In our latest issue of Comms, we take a look at all we can expect from Picard; what questions the show should be answering as well as a quick profile on the cre and all we hope to see from the new era of Picard’s life. Plus we look at the new Picard Countdown prequel comics, have a peek at the Odyssey Class featured in them

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