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Fleet Alert From the Director of Fleet Operations

Attention All Hands –¬†Urgent Message from DOPS:

In this difficult time, I know that many of us have had to self-isolate, or are already restricted with health or mobility issues, so I would like to call upon Unit Commanding Officers and Senior Staff to endeavour to make sure we at least attempt to offer our members something to distract them from the ever-growing situation we find ourselves in.

And to our other ranks, our members who are the lifeblood of the Fleet – I urge you to get involved any way you can: discuss, chat, engage with us all, let’s get through this together with the bare minimum¬†casualties.

Talk to your Commanding Officer about activities you can assist in, take part in or suggest.

Let’s prove that it takes more than a pandemic to slow the Home Fleet Down…

DOPS out.

Admiral Mark Mitchell
Director of Fleet Operations
Starfleet Command: Quadrant 2

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