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First Trailer for Lower Decks

Following a group of officers with the worst assignment on board a less than interesting ship, Lower Decks is the latest new instalment to the growing Star Trek Universe and the first ever comedy-centric show to enter the Star Trek world. With production, cast and crew announced, the first season trailer was recently released to the world!

First Trailer for Lower Decks

With a global pandemic causing turmoil in the production world and many shows pushed back due to difficulties in completing them, Discovery’s third season looks to be taking a back seat as they finish off post-production score. Meanwhile, by sheer accident, Lower Decks is next in line for release and it might just be the kind of feelgood show the world needs right now!

Based on board the USS Ceritos, a ship who’s mission revolves around “second contact”, following up all the bold explorers who got there first,


Starring Tawny Newsome,, Jack Quaid, Noel Wells and Eugene Cordero and produced by Rick & Morty’s Mike McMahon, Lower Decks is scheduled to launch on CBS All Access on September 6th and will be distributed by ViacomCBS Global Distribution Group. However as yet, there have been no announcements on where it’ll broadcast internationally.

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