CBS unveils Discovery’s Season 3 Title Sequence & Character Promo’s

CBS unveils Discovery’s Season 3 Title Sequence & Character Promo’s

Over the past few weeks we’ve had a few teases and previews for whats to come for the next Season of Star Trek Discovery as we enter a world of change in both their new home and in the production itself. The most intriguing piece of the puzzle for many being what the new Starfleet emblem looks like in the future.

Showcasing a far future Federation flag in early teasers and poster art, we got a glimpse of the new pin through an early production leak before the new style appeared in CBS promo work last month. with several fans (and ebay sellers!) trying to figure out the new look logo.

Ahead of the third season launch, CBS unveiled the newly tweaked title sequence giving us a sneak peek of production art and the usual teasers we’ve seen in previous seasons…

Discovery title sequences tend to give little hints at whats to come throughout the show. The previous transporter sequence featured three Enterprise-style pins, with one vaporised, foreshadowing the third member of the team beaming aboard Discovery quickly being killed off. This time we see the new pins replacing them and a few other intriguing aspects.

New tech is also highlighted, including the Discovery-era phaser morphing into a sleaker style similar in shape to the 29th century weapon seen in Voyager; new character Book’s ship and strangely, dilitthium crystals have been recoloured from green to red – potentially linking to “the Burn” mentioned in the Season 3 Trailer.

Further to the trailer, we also got a few new character portraits featuring newcomer Book, his companion Grudge and Blu del Barrio’s newcomer Adira.

Discovery Season 3 launches October 15th in the US through All Access while those of us in Europe will see the new season from October 16th on Netflix. Beware spoilers as we expect them to be plentiful on twitter and Facebook!

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