Introducing the USS Artemis!

Introducing the USS Artemis!

As we enter the final month of the year, we’re pleased to announce that after a lot off work from it’s new lead, SFCQ2’s Director off Fleet Operations has given the green light to a new unit being formed under the leadership of returning member Boyd Halliwell.

Introducing the USS Artemis!

Revealed first on our primary members group, Facebook’s Starbase Europa, Admiral Mitchell introduced the fleet to the new ship and it’s Captain;

Attention All Hands, All Commands.
Priority Message from Director of Operations:
Gentlebeings: Ladies, Gentlemen and Others, Officers and Enlisted,
With a supremely competent support staff in post, it is a rare moment that requires DOPS to descend from the Top Floor, but there are some tasks that I reserve for myself: Tonight, I am pleased to have two pleasant duties to perform.
Most importantly, effective Stardate 74915.06 – 00 hours, December 1st in the old money – Lieutenant (JG) Boyd Halliwell is assigned as Commanding Officer, U.S.S.(P) Artemis, NX-79206. Upon accepting his assignment, Mr Halliwell is authorised to clear moorings and begin Shakedown Cruise.
Further, I have upon my desk a recommendation from the Commanding Officer of the Sovereign, recommending Mr Halliwell’s Immediate promotion in recognition of his dedication and hard work. Under normal circumstances I would say that getting your first command is reward enough, but this is 2020 – when rules are bent in creative ways. So congratulations, LIEUTENANT Halliwell, you are hereby elevated!
Now, Godspeed and Good Luck, we will watch your journey with interest.
Having a clear idea of his proposal soon after re-joining SFC, and working alongside Sovereign’s Piers Drinkall during his pilot scheme off the Command Training Program, we’re proud to see the planningg over the past few months take shape and become the home of SFC members in Liverpool, North Wales and beyond.


Founding members that have joined in the building process have already began to transfer and should receive an official confirmation from Admin via email. Members that fall within the catchment of Artemis within Liverpool, North Wales and neighbouring areas will receive a formal invite to transfer by email.

If you’re in the catchment and want to transfer but haven’t received instructions, please either email Admin directly  or submit a transfer request through the Account Section of the Membership Hub.

If you’re not a member of SFC and wish to join the opportunity to take part in the new unit, you can sign up today! Visit our Enlistment page to find out more or join.


From all of us at the Admiralty Board and SFCQ2, we wish Boyd and his new team at Artemis the best of luck as the crew enter their shakedown cruise. We all look forward to watching the crew grow over the next six months towards their official confirmation!

Congratulations to all, and Godspeed!

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