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Lower Decks Launches in UK & Europe!

After a long, long wait Lower Decks is now finally available on Amazon Prime!

Focusing on the least important officers on one of Starfleet’s most unremarkable ships, Lower Decks is an animated comedy that follows on the Next Generation era. Set on board the USS Cerritos, a Second Contact ship, the series stars Tawny Newsome as insubordinate Mariner; Jack Quad as the underachiever Boimler; Eugene Cordero as security officer Rutherford and Noël Wells as the oiverly excited about everything Ensign Tendi.

Having launched in the US on CBS: All Access last year, Lower Decks was exclusive to the CBS streaming service with no UK outlet scheduled. Initial plans for the Star Trek Universe release schedule was to have Picard start the year, Discovery in the summer and finish off with some light hearted Lower Decks fun. The COVID pandemic had other ideas, however, with Discovery’s post production delayed and Lower Decks being in a better position to finish, the dates were switched round for Lower Decks to take Discovery’s spot before international deals were signed.

Now that Discovery’s wrapped up, Amazon Prime is launching Lower Decks to continue the mission of the Star Trekj Universe!

Lower Decks is available to all Amazon Prime subscribers now alongside season one of Star Trek Picard.

ADM JT Marczynka, DoFA
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