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Shields Up! Red Alert! Riker Returns in Lower Decks Season 2 Preview!

Shields Up! Red Alert! Riker Returns in Lower Decks Season 2 Preview!

After a long, long wait, we finally got our first (proper) look at Mike McMahon’s Lower Decks when it arrived on Amazon Prime Video internationally. The comedy series focusing on the minor crew members of the USS Cerritos ended with the group of friends broke apart, with Boimler being promoted and reassigned to the USS Titan.

While it was common knowledge Lower Decks second season was already in production, with updates available in <a href=”https://sfcq2.com/comms”>our latest issue of Comms</a>, during the First Contact Day celebrations at Star Trek’s official site, we got a release date and a first glimpse at what to expect in the second season.

You can see the video in high definition at <a href=”https://intl.startrek.com/videos/watch-a-star-trek-lower-decks-first-look-season-two”>StarTrek.com</a>.

In previous interviews, McMahon has hinted that the second season will spend more time focusing on Rutherford and Tendi, elevating them to the same level of attention Boimler and Mariner had in the first season as well as focusing on Mariner’s sexuality which was only barely hinted at in the first season. We’ll also meet Shax’s replacement after his heroic self sacrifice and dig deeper into the relationship between Mariner and her mother – Captain Freeman.

And we won’t have to wait too long either as McMahon has confirmed that Lower Decks will arrive on August 12th on Paramount+. While no international release was tacked on, the late release for ther first season was due to pandemic related issues, so hopefully we should see it on Amazon Prime Video on August 13th.

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