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Welcome to the Future! Star Trek Online Launches the Far From Home Lockbox Set

Welcome to the Future! Star Trek Online Launches the Far From Home Lockbox Set

Continuing the recent updates to the game, Star Trek Online are adding more elements introduced in Discovery’s third season from the 32nd Century following their debut of the Janeway Class and Book’s trusty freighter among others.

And of course, this is the ship a lot of players have been waiting for as STO is not only adding 32nd century uniforms and tools to their ever expanding content, but the one of a kind refit (on screen, at least!) Crossfield class is making it’s way as the main event for the games latest lockbox.

Returning to Starfleet after a time jump of over 900 years, Discovery was brought up to date by 32nd Century Starfleet engineers, giving it an extensive refit both inside and out. Cosmetically the ship gained sharper lines in it’s neck and saucer and a smoothed out engineering hull. Internally it’s innards were ripped out and replaced with programmable matter interfaces, nanogel circuitry, a whole new warp drive requiring detatched nacelles and loads more.

The grand prize in the upcoming Far From Home lockbox, the Refit offers another taste of the 32nd century with another pass at the hero ship in Star Trek’s flagship show.

Over the years STO have bent over backwards to introduce new and old elements alike with some logical explanation. From Temporal Agents being recruited to offer everything from 23rd century characters to 29th century ships. Whether it’s Starfleet engineers digging up old designs, or cross-universe shenanigans bringing in the Kelvin Timeline shift in technology, the developers have been quite adept at squeezing in every aspect of the Star Trek Universe.

Explaining the 32nd century additions has been mostly skirted around. But at this stage, who cares? New stuff is always welcome and the new variant, Crossfield Science Spearhead Refit, not only gives a new skin to the existing Prime and Terran models, but is a welcome new hero ship to add to the collection – even if it has weirdly arrived ahead of the California class.

More details of what the 32nd century refit will offer are going to be released in a later developer blog. But aside from coming with the TRON-like look and flashy style of the era, the ship looks set to come with new special weapons with pulsating phaser beams and it’s own cloaking device as well having it’s own unique pet based on Book’s ship which spent a significant portion of season 3 parked in the shuttle bay.

The down side is of course…. it is a lock box item. Which isn’t as harsh a spend per chance as the Promo Boxes, however with the games gambling system there’s less than a 1% chance of getting the ship if you play the lock-box gamble.

Alternatively these will be available in the exchange through lucky players and should likely start at 1.5 Billion Energy Credits, but will be half that price within a few weeks when the market populates.

Of course, while the chance of winning the new grand prize is slim, there’s a lot of other goodies in the box that you’d likely see first. The most amusing of the secondary prizes is a Saurian Officer who will beam down by accident if assigned to Active Ground status as, much like Linus, he can’t figure out his personal transporter.

Others include kit modules based on S3 including personal transporters to gfet you out of danger, to Parasitic Ice to use in ground combat. Space traits have also been included with some special skills. You can find out more on the official STO blog.

Let’s be honest. Kits, traits and all the other weapons and goodies kind of come secondary to whats most important in the game: Looking sharp. Whether in space or on the ground, customising your character to your tastes can be more important than picking the best phasers.

As is custom in the game, when a lockbox is updated the Lobi store (currency gained as a byproduct of lockbox spending) has a couple of additions too. The main event over there is of course the 32nd Centrury uniforms which initially came in grey with a departmental highlight, but will be switched around for more colourful variants in Season 4 of Discovery.

Variants look to include general officers and crew; Captains variations and an Admirals uniform alongside the TriComm badge to top it all off.

Other Lobi Store items being added alongside the lockbox include a DOT-23 vanity pet which will follow you everywhere you go much like the current model, and a Trill Guardian Staff which lets you point and blast enemies like other in-game items.

You can find the full list of items available in the Far From Home Lockbox in the STO developers blog.

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