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Comms Is Coming!

Comms Is Coming!

Lockdown life and life in general have had a weird effect on our time table for… well, everything. Including Comms which had a huge delay earlier this year and we got a late start on for our next issue. But! Despite lockdown stress and life changes in the Communications Office, we’re fuill steam ahead on our Summer issue!

For the uninitiated, Comms is our regular members only magizine released to our mailing list and via Starbase Europa. Our last issue was a ridiculously huge one, focusing on the new worlds we ventured to in Discovery’s third season. This time round, we’re focusing on other parts of the Universe…

Our It’s About… feature will be looking at Season 2 of Picard and who may might see pop up from Picard’s past over the series run. So far we’ve had the Rikers, Hugh and (kinda) Data back in action while season 2 also brings Q and Guinan back to the final frontier. So we’ll be picking out ten more names that we’d like to see reappear as Picard takes on his next personal mission.

Moving away from Picard (but still a wee bit connected), our Retro Review will still feature one of the Captains greatest missions, but from the Next Generation! The original science officer of the Star Trek world, Mr Spock himself Leonard Nimoy, has connected more of the universe than any other: including being there for the breakaway Kelvin Timeline and appearing in Discovery’s third season in a historical record. Just like Burnham, we’ll be looking back at that historical record and digging into the two parter Unification from The Next Generation, where Picard went on a mission to track down a rogue Spock in the universes first major crossover.

The last edition of Comms came with a bonus round to conclude our For The Uniform Feature, and even if both Picard and Discovery are giving us new Starfleet styles to look at in the coming year, we’re moving on from era’s defined by uniforms to era’s defined by starships!

Starting with the TMP era of Starship design, we’ll look at the iconic Enterprise refit and the ships that shared it’s lineage in the movie era from the Excelsior upgrade to the weird and wonderful Oberthj class and everything in between for Ships Of The Line!

And for something a little bit different, our regular “A Fistul Of…” feature will be looking at the Star Trek adventures that were never meant to be, inducing the 1970’s Phase II series that was stopped in it’s early development to take it’s stars to the big screen.

Coming this Summer, the next issue of Comms will also include our regular sections including news from all over SFCQ2 in Fleet Alert; Our usual packed On Screen section where we’ll be taking a look back at Loki and Army of the Dead; Departmental reports and of course, our Rec Deck with the latest comics, books and our impressions on Mass Effect Legendary Edition!

As always Comms welcomes submissions from all members of SFCQ2 from departmental and unit reports, to full articles and features. Members can find out more information at the Submissions area of our account hub or contact the DoFC via email or our contact form to pitch any ideas you may have.

Deadlines will be announced in Europa and to contributors closer to the time, however despite delays we expect to launch the next issue late July or early August.

Our last issue, as well as our full archive is available to all logged in members in the Downloads section of our Members Hub with the latest issues always available at the Comms Section.

Our latest issue of Comms talks in depth – and we mean in depth! – about Discovery’s Third Season with episodic reviews, an overall season analysis and special featuring including a look at the 32nd century tech, the Crossfield Class, Tilly’s Journey, Georgiou’s exit and more! Comms is available as part of SFCQ2’s free membership! To find out more visit our Comms preview or Enlist Today!

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