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Brace for Impact! Lower Decks Season 2 Launches on Amazon Prime Video!

Brace for Impact! Lower Decks Season 2 Launches on Amazon Prime Video!

There’s drama and mystery ahead in the live action Star Trek world with scary space phenomenon and alternate reality skipping to take us through an adventure and keep us on the edge of our seats. Before then, however, our next dose of the Star Trek world has kicked off with something a little lighter as we rejoin the Lower Decks of the Cerritos!

When Lower Decks originally launched, we were all in dismay due to the US release schedule being messed up by COVID, meaning Lower Decks launched ahead of Discovery and months ahead of schedule. This meant we had to wait for a UK distributor to be secured. Now however? LEss than 24 hoursa after Season 2’s launch in the US, the Lower Decks crew are back on Amazon Prime Video so we can all watch worldwide!

After a dramatic mission that saw Boimler leave to serve with Captain Riker on the USS Titan; Tendi helping Rutherford after he lost his memory by having his implants ripped off and Mariner finally form a working relationship with her mother where they could get a fresh start, it looks like things were about to change for the team. But according to teasers released in the lead up to Season 2’s release, it won’t be long until we’re back to the zany quartet’s usual shenanigans.

Season two kicks off with “Strange Energies”, picking up three months after Boimler left for the Titan, the Cerritos encounters some trouble when Commander Ransom accidentally absorbs some, well, strange energy…

Season 2 Episode 1 is available to watch now on Amazon Prime Video! Unlike the first season’s UK release, episodes will be released weekly,

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