Strange New Worlds

First Look at Strange New Worlds!

First Look at Strange New Worlds!

At the close of Discovery’s second season, Captain Pike was back on board the Enterprise with his faithful Number One at the helm and Spock ready to take his station as Science Officer. Since then we’ve all waited to see more from the crew’s adventures, and since the announcement that we’d see them go off to Strange New Worlds, we wante our first peek at the old crew on their new mission.

Now the wait is finally over as we get our first sneak peek at the Enterprise crew boldly going into their full series!

The team behind Strange New Worlds revealed their cast some time ago now as filming commenced in Canada, but thanks to the media storm of Star Trek Day live streams on Paramount Plus as well as the official Star Trek site for international audiences, the new cast were able to introduce themselves and let us know who they were.

The above video can be viewed in much higher resolution as <a href=”“>Star Trek’s official website</a>.

As seen in the trailer, aside from new uniforms and tweaked sets, Strange New Worlds will expand upon previousy seen characters Uhura in her time as a final year cadet, Dr. M’Benga seen in the original series working alongside Dr McCoy and Nurse Chapel, last seen in The Motion Picture. We’ll also see the Discovery’s Enterprise trio return alongside new characters incluging Aenar officer Hemmer, new helm officer Ortegas and the suyspiciously named La’an Noonien-Soong…

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is set for release on (date/year) starring Anson Mount as Captain Christopher Pike, Rebecca Romjin as Number One and Ethan Peck as Lieutenant Spock. The series is being produced by Secret Hideout Productions for Paramount Plus with Akiva Goldsman at the helm.

The series will debut on Paramound Plus in the US. UK launch information is yet to be confirmed.

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