SFCQ2 Comms: Make It Snow | December 2021

SFCQ2 Comms: Make It Snow | December 2021

SFCQ2 Comms: Make It Snow | December 2021

We’re in a bit of a time warp for our final issue of Comms this year! Initially scheduled for Summer, the universe had other plans and delays from COVID, life changes and a lack of time kept the issue pushed back until it became, not just a snapshot of the Summer, but an accidental collection of everything we’ve loved and looked forward to in the latter half of the year!

One of those time warping moments came with Discovery, which was scheduled to begin on Netflix, subsequently pulled, then placed on Amazon for an extra £20 season buyout. With some UK fans split between the change up and some waiting for the full launch of Discovery on Paramount Plus, we’ve previewed what we expect, what theories we have and whats to come for those awaiting the Paramount Plus Release!

We’ve also looked back to the best moments of Lower Decks second season in the first of a two-part feature to be continued in the next issue; run down the new cast and crew of hte USS Enterprise in the upcoming Strange New Worlds and lkook ahead to Prodigy, also making it’s UK debut with Paramount Plus’s international expansion.

Elsewhere in Comms we launch a new feature where we shamelessly steal the Marvel idea and look at the possible alternate realities and stories of Star Trek. In the first edition of the new What If feature, we look back at Ben Sisko’s connection to the Maquis and ask What If it was Sisko and the Defiant sent to track down Chakotay and the Val Jean, puttling them in the Caretakers firing line?

Other regular features also include A Fistful of Spin Offs, looking at Star Trek’s forgotten and abandonned offshoots; It’s About Cameos as we look at who else could appear in the world of Trek going ahead and more including That Guy From That Thing, profiling one time DS9 guest star turned Breaking Bad icon Jonathon Banks.

The “Make It Snow” Edition Also Includes:

  • ON SCREEN: Looking at the highlights of the years TV and movies including Loki, Another Life and more including Hawkeye.
  • TPTM!: Reviews and previews of our geeky movie highlights from Ghostbusters Afterlife to Dune and more including The Fly in our Retro Review!
  • REC DECK: Reviewing the Latest Life is Strange, TrekLit’s CODA finale and more including the best in new sci fi books and comics!
  • FLEET ALERT!: A look back at the highs and lows of a very difficult year for all plus Meet the Fleet focusing on Churchill’s crew!

….and a whole lot more including reviews of the best in film, TrekLit, Sci Fi Books, Comic Book Spotlight, Gaming and plenty more

The “Make It Snow 2021” Edition of Comms is available to all logged in registered members at sfcq2.com/comms. Download options are also available at Starbase Europa & your inbox via our Comms mailing list. To join SFC Quadrant 2 and gain access to Comms and all other members benefits, signing up is quick and easy and membership is completely free! Enlist Today!

Due to the huge delay of the issue, the next will be released in February 2022 alongside the launch of the second half of Discovery’s Fourth Season.

VADM Tyler, DoFC
Creator of things, writer of words, caffeine addict. Director of Communications for Starfleet Command Quadrant 2.

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