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2022: All Trek, All Year Round!

2022: All Trek, All Year Round!

Despite what clickbaiters and YouTubers profiteering from misinformation would say, Star Trek as a brand is flourishing. Since the launch of Discovery ion 2017 the universe has expanded significantly in partnership with Secret Hideout and now more than ever we’re being taken to as many strange new worlds as they can give us.

In days gone by it was exciting to have two shows to catch up on in a year with Deep Space Nine running consecutively with The Next Generation and Voyager at differing points, while a new series was always cause for celebration. Now that excitement of anew launch seems to be coming thick and fast with Star Trek these days and as 2022 warms up, it’s shaping up to be one of the biggest years for our favourite sci fi franchise to date with multiple shows running through the year and much more in development!


The year kicked off with Discovery’s fourth season carrying over from 2021, with some caveats and eternal frustration for fans across Europe.

For the flagship show in the Star Trek brand, Discovery has had a bit of a weird few months. At first advertised to be launching as usual on Netflix the day after it’s US release, days before the expected launch it was announced CBS had bought out their contract with Netflix and Europe (as well as other territories) would have to wait until this year for Season 4. That, rightly so, did not go down well and they did have to come up with a Plan B; Launch the show on the free to view Pluto app on at 9pm on weekends or buy out the series for £20 on Amazon.

Understandably those options weren’t suitable for everyone, and after the decision some opted for “alternative viewing methods”. Many more are awaiting the “proper” launch alongside Paramount Plus in the UK.

Recently renewed for a fifth season, the fourth continues the crews adventures in the 32nd century with Michael Burnham firmly in the Captains Chair as she leads a mission to investigate and stop a mysterious anomaly that can appear any time, anywhere and threatens to end life as we know it.

Taking a mid-season break, Discovery’s fourth season is set to resume in the US on February 10th and continue on Pluto and through the Amazon buyout before airing in full on Paramount Plus’ international launch later this year.


Another return for the year comes with the return of Picard. Far removed from the first seasons story of Romulan regrets and Android liberation, the second season promises to offer a new chapter for the former Captain as he and the La Sirena crew discover alternate lives that could have been as they try and repair a broken timeline to return to their lives.

Featuring the return of John de Lancie as a more sombre version of Q, the second season comes with not only a new direction, but a new showrunner in Twelve Monkeys series creator Terry Matalas. Having already started filming season three despite suffering production delays due to COVID-19 regulations, Picard is the only show not to have a renewal announcement.

Picard’s second season returns on March 3rd in the US and unlike Discovery, won’t be pulled last minute from it’s international distributor. We can see Picard here in the UK and Europe as normal on Amazon Prime Video from March 4th.


Designed as an introduction to the Star Trek Universe for younger audiences, Prodigy focuses on a group of teenage aliens held captive on a mining colony run by The Diviner. Led by Dal, the team come together after discovering a mysterious abandoned starship buried within the world and under supervision of it’s training hologram, based on Kathryn Janeway, depart for a new life and ne beginnings while learning the Starfleet way.

Prodigy is currently streaming in the US on Paramount+ and hasn’t made an official debut of yet internationally. Due to the launch in the US a lot is known about the adventures of the makeshift Protostar crew and the ships mysterious presence in the Delta Quadrant. Though for those holding out for an official UK launch, we’ll see the series appear on Nickelodeon internationally soon after it’s run has finished in the US.

Our latest issue of Comms looks ahead to Prodigy’s official international launch and what’s coming for the animated series! Comms is available to all members of SFCQ2 as part of their free membership.


And of course, one of the most anticipated series to come from the current generation of the Star Trek Franchise. Having made his debut in Season 2 of Discovery, Anson Mount returns as the original Captain of the Enterprise to tell the untold stories of Captain Christopher Pike, first portrayed by Jeffrey Hunter in 194’s original Star Trek pilot.

Pike has been a popular character despite his few appearances in the Star Trek Universe and seeing him at the helm of the Enterprise was already a fun moment in Discovery. Reunited Ethan Peck’s younger Lieutenant Spock and Rebecca Romjin’s Number One, the crew are set to rekindle a story of the week style to contrast other live action trek shows in production and will revive some more original series characters including Dr M’Benga, Christine Chapel and rookie Cadet Uhura on a five year mission alongside new characters filling the upper decks during Pike’s reign of the Enterprise.

The third live action series to be produced by Secret Hideout Productions, Strange New Worlds was placed ahead of the planned Section 31 series to tell the story of the Enteprise and it’s mission before the legendary Captain Kirk took command. Strange New Worlds has already been confirmed to have been renewed for a second season while the first is set to launch worldwide on May 5th as part of Paramount Plus’ international expansion.

Paramount Plus will be available with Sky Q packages as well as a sandalone app ahead of the series launch here in the UK. Our latest issue of Comms delves into what to expect from the new series and introduces the new cast ready to take over the USS Enterprise.


Alongside all other shows being renewed, it looks like Lower Decks is also set to live long and prosper as a fourth season was announced ahead of the third season launch.

Focused on the least important crewmembers of the USS Cerritos, the animated comedy series has proven a hit with fans thanks to it’s fast humour and easter egg filled action. The second season ended on a cliffhanger with the ships captain Freeman being detained after being framed in a conspiracy against the Pakled and is set to continue in classic season cliffhanger fashion when the show returns in the Summer.

Much like Picard, Lower Decks is still set to continue on Amazon Prime Video though no solid date has been confirmed.


Looking ahead at the year, the Star Trek calendar looks as packed as other expanding franchises. Following in the footsteps of Marvel and Star Wars, Star Trek is ready to poke it’s head into any and all corners of the Star Trek Universe and ind new oppertunities – a stark contrast from the traditional formula and an oppertunity for things to grow well beyond even our current diverse range.

Further planned projects have been rumoured and even announced. A Michelle Yeoh led Section 31 series has been on the table for some time, even giving her Emperor Georgiou a send off in Discovery’s third season to set up the premise with Erika Lippoldt and Bo Yeon Kim heading up the production. Section 31 was planned to begin filming directly after Discovery’s third season, but COVID issues and the decision to make Strange New Worlds held the production from starting as Kurtzman had noted in interviews they wanted one show to end before starting another.

The long rumoured Academy series could still potentially be on the table thanks to an episode of Discovery’s fourth season released last year (no spoilers!) and there are plans for several movies in the works.

2022 looks to be the single most packed year for Star Trek in it’s long and storied history. Telling stories of adventure, personal redemption and discovery, each series is dedicated to bringing something new and different to the table, whether it be a very introspective drama like Picard, or a colourful adventure for the younger audience in Prodigy. With so many places yet to explore, and contracts extended with Secret Hideout to tell those stories, the future looks brighter than ever.

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