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Paramount+ Launches in the UK

Paramount+ Launches in the UK

After a long wait and a lot of upset following Paramount’s buyout of their Netflix deal, Star Trek fans in the UK can finally catch up with the US release schedules of the US and wqatch Strange New Worlds debut season as well as more from across the Star Trek Universe.

It’s been a long wait for UK fans, but finally Paramount Plus has launched in the UK. Lkast year, just days before the planned launch of Discovery’s fourth season on Netflix, Paramount pulled the rug from under us all by paying to cancel out their distribution deal with Netflix ahead of the UK launch of Paramount Plus; a decision that still hasn’t settled well with fans across Europe and beyond.

Today however those wounds might finally be able to heal as the service officially launched with some fans getting a sneak peek with the service releasing early yesterday afternoon.

Now the service is live, we can get our hands on some new Trek that, so far, had only been viewed by alternative means here in the UK with the most anticipated show in the Star Trek Universe being the return of Captain Christopher Pike and his crew in Strange New Worlds.

Starring Anson Mount as captain of the Enterprise, the show returns to a classic episodic format and explores the final years of Pike in command of the Enterprise alongside his Number One Una Chin-Riley and science officer Spock as well as both new and old characters to explore. The first episode carries on from the dramatic events of Discovery’s second season to see Pike in a crisis of confidence as he’s called into a crisis that may break one of the Federations most sacred laws.

Still on a slight delay compared to the US, Strange New Worlds launches with it’s first three episodes today and will release new episodes weekly. We’ll have a quick review available over the weekend ahead of our Strange New Worlds special of Comms.

Also available on Paramount’s UK launch is Prodigy, another show that’s been and gone to those across the pond, but here we can finally see the first half of the debut season without sailing the high seas! Focusing on a group of young adults who stumble across an abandonned Federation starship, the Nickelodeon animated show gives a new insight to Starfleet as the group learn all about the Starfleet way of life from the ships Emergency Training hologram based on Voyagers Captain Janeway.

Discovery’s fourth season, which has now been and gone, was previously available at a premium of £20 for the season on Amazon Prime Video and released on scheduled streamer app Pluto on weekly weekend release. However now with Paramount Plus the season can be viewed in full at your leisure as part of the package.

And of course being part of the SBC Paramount family, there’s a lot more beyond the world of Star Trek to explore including new series such as the live adaption of Halo, The Man Who Fell To Earth, Dexter New Blood and among it’s vast collection of classic films and drama series, parents can also suffer through gritted teeth as their kids watch the Paw Patrol movie

Paramount Plus is now available as an add-on to Sky Subscribers, Amazon Prime Video Subscribers and more including directly from Paramount Plus UK. The subscription service comes with a 7 day free trial and costs £6.99 a month thereafter.

Our latest issue of Comms takes a look at the last six years of movie announcements and what pitches had been raised since Beyond hit the screens! We also look at more including Lower Decks and the upcoming series of Strange New Worlds asnd more Comms is available as part of SFCQ2’s free membership! To find out more visit our Comms preview or Enlist Today!

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