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Lower Decks Season 4 Is Here!

Lower Decks Season 4 Is Here!

Returning to the least important people of the least important ship in the fleet, animated comedy Lower Decks is back for it’s fourth season as the lives of Lower Decks of the Cerritos are about to change….

Opening as a bit of a manic self parody of Star Trek back in 2020, Lower Decks has really came into it’s own, particularly in it’s third season. While it does still contain a sometimes huge amount of self-referential comedy and relies on a lot of fan service, the shows leaned in to some nice character work from the strained mother-daughter relationship between Captain Freeman and Ensign Mariner, to Rutherford’s exploration of who he was before becoming a cyborg.

Promising to bring more personal growth to the characters, the fourth season will also bring disgraced Vulcan T’Lyn as a regular as the show is heading for a more balanced tone; uppping the personal dynamics and drama to turn it from a comedy with story, to making the story the forefront

Lower Decks Season  4 ius available to scream now globally on Paramount Plus. All three previous seasons are also available. Paramount Plus can be suibscriubed to directly or through apps such as Amazon Prime Video.

If that’s not enough Lower Decks for you, the Strange New Worlds crossover from Season 2 episode Those Old Scientists is also available on Paramount+.

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