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Star Trek Prodigy Finds New Home on Netflix

Star Trek Prodigy Finds New Home on Netflix

Despite having already showcased the trailer for Season 2, back in June Paramount announced that they were cancelling the popular young adult animation, Star Trek Prodigy, and soon enough it vanished from the srtreaming service. Since then fgans have rallied hard to save the popular show, while the producers have shoppped around to find a new home for the series. And now it looks like it’s heading to Netflix for the long anticipated Season 2!

Prodigy’s cancellation was one of the big surprises of the year. After a succesful first run on the joint Nickelodeon-Pardamount venture, as well as some exciting times ahead with the season two trailer showing the debut of the USS Voyager-A and a familiar returning face in the ships former EMH, Paramounts changing strategy saw a lot of cuts.

Though it was no secret that the plan seemed to be to find a new home for the show, the fact that the show was removed so swiftly from Paramount+ was concerning to many. Especially with Star Trek day coming and going, celebrating animation, and yet Prodigy was no where to be seen. The news – coming from industry press including Variety and Deadline – means that Prodigy will arrive internaitonally on Netfllix later this year with Season 2 set to debut early 2024.

In a joint statement from Alex Kurtzman and Prodigy producers the Hageman Brothers, the trio thanked fans for their campaigns and works of encouragement in helping reach the Netflix agreement. “We set out to inspire you but you inspired us.” The statement read before clarifying the state of pay for eason 2, “The team is still hard at work on the second season, and we can’t wait to share it with the amazing fans around the world.”

Netflix intself played a huige part in the current era of Star Trek. While Discovery helped launch CBS All Access – now branded as Paramount+, Netflix carried the torch for the international market before Paramount pulled the plug on the Netflix deal, leaving fans in Quadrant 2 and beyond waiting nearly a year for Paramount+ to launch outside the US. It seems fitting that afer that dissapointment, Netflix has been the one to help save Prodigy

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