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Prodigy: Season 2 And Beyond

Prodigy: Season 2 And Beyond

Ahead of the series officially moving to Netflix this month, Star Trek Prodigy producers Dan and Kevin Hageman have announced that the highly anticipated second season has finally been completed and ready for launch in the near future.

After being dropped by Paramount in a mass cost cutting measure earlier this year, and later given a second lease of life after Netflix secured the distribution rights in October, the future of the animated series had been worrisome despite Paramount confirming they weren’t planning on doing a ‘Batgirl’ to the show and instead looking to find a new home; something that makes sense in terms of extra income, and no sense in terms of already having their own streaming service.

Alas, by sheer irony after having their Discovery deal bought out, Netflix saving the day may not just mean a home for season 2 or the teen-targeted animation, but may have secured a much longer future as the Hagemans have already been hinting at what comes next for Dal and his makeshift crew and noting that Paramount may not be airing the show, but didn’t say they weren’t committed to funding it’s production under their Star Trek Universe banner.

And if the Hagemans get their way, they’ve said at events including STLV that they aim for three seasons and a film based on their creation.

With Season One already fully released on Netflix, Season 2 is expected to launch some time this year as most of the work on the series is completed and ready to go. Though the series has taken quite the turn following the events of the first season finale….

Now that the Protostar is long gone, Dal and crew will be under the wing of the real Janeway and her trusty aid The Doctor as she continues her mission to find the lost Captain Chakotay on board a new ship: The USS Voyager-A.

Aimed at a young adult audience as a gateway to the wider Star Trek lore, Prodigy has been a pleasant surprise for fans of all ages as the story focuses on growth, friendship and the values of Starfleet.

With an air date still to be announced, it’s been confirmed that season two will consist of twenty episodes. No announcement has yet been made on release schedule.

Star Trek Prodigy Season 1 is available in full exclusively on Netflix.

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