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Discovery’s Final Mission Launches This April

Discovery’s Final Mission Launches This April

Since 2017 it feels like we’ve had non stop Star Trek since the revival of the franchise through streaming services, however all good things do come to an end. One of the most bittersweet things to look forward to this year is the surprising end of Discovery, the flasgship show that helped to revive the Star Trek franchise with it’s higher than expected demand launching CBS All Ac cess (Now Paramount+).

Announced in March last year, the fifth season being the final came as a bit of a surprise to both fans and the production who rushed back to work to re-shoot elements of the finale and add some scenes to give the show closure. Despite the surprise, most of the team have kept positive about the release of the now final season which is speculated to launch in early 2024. None ore so than leading star Sonequa Martin-Green and producer Michelle Paradise.

Speaking at CCXP back in December (Credit: TrekMovie), the largest Latin American convention, Paradise gave some hints of things to come. “We did a bit of a tonal shift this season while still maintaining what Discovery is. And it’s a lot of fun.” She told the audience, “The DNA of Discovery always has those serialized stories over the course of a season. This season the nature of that serialized story allows us to have more episodic adventures. So I think people are really gonna dig it.”

Of course, with Paramount making the decision to bring an end to Discovcery, that adventure had a minor change towards the end. With the season wrapped the crew were pulled back together soon after the announcement to bring a more complete ending to the series. “Thankfully, Paramount+ and CBS Studios gave us the ability to go back and shoot some additional scenes.” Paradise told the crowd..

“Michelle and the team put together an addendum shoot that Paramount+ and CBS Studios allowed us to do.” Martin-Green added, “When you see it, it is beautifully culminating. I really believe it was satisfying. It really ties up really well.”

Speaking to CinemaBlend this month, Martin-Green expressed her feelings on being on set for those final scenes, “You walk onto this set knowing that it’s going to be one of your last times on the set. And suddenly everything is so charged and electric and alive.” Adding, There were so many times where we stopped to note, that’s the last time we’ll ever do that. This is the last time we’re ever going to do this.”

Set to launch next year, Discovery’s fifth and final season brings back the Discovery crew for an intergalactic treasure hunt to uncover a mysterious alien power that’s been hidden for centuries. Joining Martin-Green and all the regular cast this season are Eve Harlow and Elias Toufexis as Moll and L’ak, rivals to Discovery’s mission, and Battlestar Galactica’s Callum Keith Rennie as Starfleet Captain Raynor.

The fifth and final season will find Captain Burnham and the crew of the U.S.S. Discovery uncovering a mystery that will send them on an epic adventure across the galaxy to find an ancient power whose very existence has been deliberately hidden for centuries. But there are others on the hunt as well … dangerous foes who are desperate to claim the prize for themselves and will stop at nothing to get it.

The final adventure begins with Captain Burnham and the Discovery being sent to an 800 year old Romulan ship said to a mysterious artefact that kicks off the seasons story. With the artifact stolen, an epic chase begins to reclaim it for Starfleet and the Federation.

Discovery’s Final Season launches on Paramount+ in the UK and most European regions on April 4th. All four previous seasons are available to stream now.

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