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[Admirals Log] “Change is the essential process of all existence.”

[Admirals Log] “Change is the essential process of all existence.”

Since relinquishing the Comms role to focus on Admin, following the Fleet Confirmation we’d spent some time taking stock of things we’d like to change and refine to ensure all members get the most out of being part of Quadrant 2. I know membership is free, but we’d still like to make sure you feel like you’re getting value for your latinum and get the most out of being part of Q2.

We’ll be doing some surveys through the coming months to help isolate where we could further improve, but based on feedback we’ve received we’re implementing more and more things for members throughout 2024. One of the most obvious looking over the site is a push to ensure we’re updating regularly; both in moving features that used to be part of Comms into regular site updates and keeping up to date with relevant Star Trek (and potentially wider sci fi) news with our mission to continue to avoid clickbait or misleading articles for the benefit of all members.

We’ll also be looking at extending that content with something a little more interactive. Moving to a remote location during lockdown, I’ve came to realise more the isolation some members outwith a local catchment area can have, and working remotely in my real job, as well as some accidental inspiration from Mark (DOPS), we’re looking to start hosting online meet ups for all members of the fleet; both to ensure we’re inclusive of everyone who wants to participate as well as for members form across the fleet to have a more face to face internation instead of a social media group.

Currently plans are in flux, and it may not happen right away, however we will be hosting a livestream of me trying to remember how to play STO, a potential Q&A and hopefully at least quarterly fleet meet ups online.

This will fall in line with this very blog. Fleet updates will come in quarterly with the other two months focusing on those interactive plans which means, assuming nothing goes wrong, next month we’ll be hosting a fleet meetup!

More regular membership benefits will also be getting an overhaul. While things like rank and recognition, the SFC version of membership loyalty points, will remain we’ll be making a conscious effort to ensure we send out physical certificates form this year onwards as well as the digital versions. This will include ‘graduation’ after three months, special commendations and promotion certificates as of March onwards. We’ve already got one very special commendation ordered and on it’s way and anyone who’d like a certificate pre-2004 to be printed and issued, please let us know! (though between schedule and the cost of ink, it may take a couple of weeks!).

Despite a delay in starting for various factors, Officer of the Month will properly start from March and the Officer of the Year merged into an annual awards for this coming December. We’ll also be going back to giveaways for fleet members as while engagement was slim when done through Comms, we have an easier to join strategy with less faff and more free stuff in the post! Keep your eyes on Europa in the coming weeks to get a change at a Star Trek freebie!

As an aside, I know I’ve let the fleet socials lapse. Partly due to time. Partly due to how ridiculous they’ve become. Facebook Business Suite and me just don’t get along and I’m forced to use it these days. I’ll be ploughing through though and spending more time on the socials than my own accounts since I’m becoming a bit of a social media recluse. We also have a BlueSky account to add to our list as one certain platform… well, we’re not that keen right now.

Crossing both the content and the engagement boxes, one thing I’m very keen on is assigning new ‘positions’ for members across the fleet. Anyone who’s seen Mastermind knows what they’re specialist subject would be. I’d bet most of us would say Star Trek. I’d like to take some steps to let you show off your skills and knowledge in 2024 by bringing in subject matter experts for SFCQ2 and Europa.

Inspired by Churchill’s Amanda Phillips and Carol Pearce, who both make a stunning effort to share science news week by week, having certified fleet experts offers a change for people to show what they love; whether your subject is science, history or even show specific such as Lower Decks or The Next Generation, we want you to show your stuff!

And this doesn’t even mean Trek exclusive. We have many passions within the fleet and lots of geeky expertise. Just in the Admiralty Board we have Ghostbusters, Star Wars, Doctor Who and comic book fanatics. And if you’ve ever asked Mark or Scott about tabletop gaming, you may never hear and end to it!

Aside from sharing knowledge and ideas, fleet experts would have a range of access depending on their field of expertise which could include anything from posting access on Q2 (which is technically open to all members in the Hub!) to moderator or admin access on our social media channels. We’ll be posting more info as time goes on, but feel free to reach out for any questions until then!

A lot more. With changes and revisions to our long-standing membership benefits to improve them massively for 2024, and a plan in motion to ensure we’re giving all members accurate and up to date production news (I hate clickbait and fluff pieces based around one quote!) yuou’ll notice a lot more going on in the coming weeks and months.

From more focus on events – such as Tesla’s latest away team and the upcoming streaming plans – to themed weeks on Facebook/Europa, there”s a lot to be done!

Plus we’re still looking for a new director of Communications, which is a role I’d loved doing for years and have been working on making it a somewhat easier role than the manic madness I’d created over the years! Part of that will come down to the Fleet Experts and other potential restructuring as my ultimate goal is to ensure every member of Q2 has the chance to be included in every aspect of the club and to bring a wide range of people across the UK & Europe closer together in the coming year.

A lot of changes will be seen within the Fleet Hub so make sure to remember your login details! If you’re having trouble ofr need to update your details please reach out to ADMIN ASAP.

Our next major fleet update is due in May, however we’ll be adding further information piece by piece between now and then on both here, the Membership Hub and in the Europa Facebook group. It may not be as speedy a task as I’d like as life does get in the way (sadly Q2’s Admiralty Budger is £0 so I have to focus on real life work!) but I’m eager to see how well the changes go and to hear your feedback throughout the process

Admiral James Tyler Marczynka
Director of Fleet Administration

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ADM JT Marczynka, DoFA
Creator of things, writer of words, caffeine addict. Director of Communications for Starfleet Command Quadrant 2.

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