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[Fleet Alert!] Become A Fleet Expert!

[Fleet Alert!] Become A Fleet Expert!

Infinity Diversity in Infinite Combinations is a core truth of SFC and our policies, however there is one universal truth that we’ve all seen in every corner of Star Trek fandom; we like trivia, information and just knowing stuff.

Whether it’s a conversation about uniforms that devolves into actual fabric colours in the 60’s, the ever ongoing debate of how many decks the Defiant has or even just the basics of temporal dynamics leading to how many of Data’s heads existed at a specific point of time, there’s a reason the Star Trek Fact Files and even the Nitpickers Guide were popular additions to our collections back in the day.

One of the best things about SFC is that everyone has their talents. We’re a wide group of people from all over the UK & Ireland expanding across Europe with varying degrees of interest, knowledge and hobbies. Some in line with the ‘specialisation’ you join with, some well beyond. The idea of Fleet Experts came from the USS Churchill, with science officers Carol and Amanda making an effort to showcase science news and discoveries every week offering the crew insight into their chosen field and interests as well as continuing a more regular and easier to consume version of Comms old Science Report.

Across the fleet we’ve also seen some fascinating projects and hobbies. From prop making and 3d printing, to design and costuming, creativity with writing or painting – even to gaming whether by machine or tabletop. It doesn’t even stop at Star Trek. Just within HQ you can ask Mark about Warhammer, Scott about comics or Dave about hats and they’ll chew your ear off with insightful knowledge!

As part of our efforts to ensure we’re celebrating all members and what they bring to the fleet, we’re dipping our toes back into the idea of specialised roles within Q2 by inviting members to join our Fleet Expert pilot program and have created new ‘roles’ for members of the fleet to take their knowledge from their local group to become a fleet wide expert.

What kind of fleet expert can you be? The answer to that is almost anything. To begin the pilot program, we’ve set up four starting points for Fleet Experts.

  • Series Expert: We’re all got ‘our’ Trek. Whether it’s an era long past, following new productions or learning every aspect of why Pike’s hair looks so puffy! Series experts can either be a historian of a legacy era of Star Trek, or avid follower giving us news and info on in production series’
  • Departmental: One of the most common experts since before we even decided to have experts! You can be focused on new science and discoveries; Become an engineering expert and focus on the tech of Trek; or even take charge of the Shipyards!
  • Activity: Probably the most wide ranging expert option Prop building, costumes, collecting merch, events/conventions
  • Expanded: Wait, it’s not Star Trek?! Another universe, tabletop gaming, collecting etc

Aside from sharing knowledge and ideas, fleet experts would have a range of access depending on their field of expertise which could include anything from posting access on Q2 (author access is already enabled in the Hub for contributors) to moderator or admin access on our social media channels. Fleet Experts would also be recognised with Expert Tags on social media and listed as part of their field on the Hub.

For Example, if Ensign Ricky was our Lower Decks Expert he may appear on the Experts List in the Fleet Directory and have contributor access to the site or socia media if he wanted to share any news or updates regarding the series. Whereas Lietenant Someoneelse may become the Art & Design Specialist and only need to become a moderator on Europa to share concept or production art from the Star Trek Universe.

In essence, as an Expert of Specialist, you’d define how much you’d want to dive into the field whole being recognised as a valued member of the overall fleet.

If you’re interested in becoming one of our Fleet Experts or have any questions you can read out to the ADMB directly on our usual contact (open form | contact list), via the Q2 messaging system or catch us on Facebook. Alternatively, you can fill in the form below. And yes, sorry there is a CAPCHA as we’re getting an inordinate amount of spam! (Capcha will not appear if logged in to your account)


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