ADM JT Marczynka, DoFA

ADM JT Marczynka, DoFA

Creator of things, writer of words, caffeine addict. Director of Communications for Starfleet Command Quadrant 2.

Star Trek Prodigy Finds New Home on Netflix

Despite having already showcased the trailer for Season 2, back in June Paramount announced that they were cancelling the popular young adult animation, Star Trek Prodigy, and soon enough it vanished from the srtreaming service. Since then fgans have rallied hard to save the popular show, while the producers have shoppped around to find a new home for the series. And now it looks like it's heading...[Read More]

A Fistful Of Underrated Episodes.

With close to 900 episodes – and a sure thing we'll hit 1,000 in the current era – we all have our favourite episodes of Star Trek across all the Generations. Whether thats seeing Sisko wrestle with morality in DS9's In The Pale Moonlight; watching the tense drama or Kirk versus the Romulans in Balance of Terror or TNG's turning point in Best of Both Worlds, the debates raged on for decades.

[Retro Review] Tapestry, TNG

In a diplomatic mission gone wrong, Captain Picard is beamed back home to the Enterprise after being shot in the chest and dies. The shot blew out his mechanical heart and as he crosses the celestial border from life to death, he's met with his creator. Or at least someone claiming to be God, his old pal Q. Q explains the situation. The heart, or lack of, killed him. Then he plays back the figh...[Read More]

USS Tesla Set For Acme Comic Con in Glasgow

The crew of the USS Tesla are back in action as Captain Stevenson is set to beam down with the crew for an Away Mission to Acme Comic Con in Glasgow's iconic SEC.

[Inside Trek] The Enterprise D Bridge Reconstruction

Nostalgia in long running series can be hard to balance, and for Star Trek itself it can be very hit or miss. Especially in a series like Picard that had nostalgia baked in from the word go -or engage – by bringing back one of the franchise's most loved and iconic characters. Despite the first season going out of it's way to showcase a new side of Jean Luc Picard, and the second delving into a ...[Read More]

[Retro Review] Everybody’s Dead, Dave. Red Dwarf (1988)

Some people have lofty ambitions. Become rich, famous, the best in your field. Others just want something simple. Like buying a small farm, getting a sheep and a cow and breeding horses. Red Dwarf was the story of the man with the simple dream. There's just one problem. Everybody's dead.

Lower Decks Season 4 Is Here!

Returning to the least important people of the least important ship in the fleet, animated comedy Lower Decks is back for it's fourth season as the lives of Lower Decks of the Cerritos are about to change....

A Fistul of Strange New Histories

Even before Strange New Worlds introduced it's new crew, the return of Captain Pike and his Number One in Discovery's second season had already given a new lease of life to the abandoned original crew of the Starship Enterprise. Now leading their own show and diving into two characters who'd barely had a chance to shine, the show has taken the opportunity to dive further into both underdeveloped c...[Read More]

Quartermasters Stores Review: Hero Within Field Jacket

These days Star Trek can, and is, a collection of tales with multiple settings. From secretive science experiments, to unimportant Starships. In the 1990's Star Trek was seen as only one thing: A crew exploring space on the Enterprise. And there was even pushback to there being a different Enterprise and crew in the 80's before the launch of The Next Generation. But producers of the time weren't w...[Read More]

A Fistful Of Legacies

Star Trek Picard's final episode gave birth to a new generation of Starfleet. Despite being a final goodbye to the Next Generation Crew, season 3 showrunner Terry Matalas had also planned to tell the story of the birth of the Enterprise-G, it's captain and her crew. But in doing so the series explored some major moments and themes from the wider TNG era, both revisiting and expanding on Star Trek ...[Read More]

The Last Generation: Picard S310 Review

In a desperate last stand, Jean-Luc Picard and generations of crews, both old and new, fight together to save the galaxy from the greatest threat they've ever faced as Picard and the Next Generation era comes to an end.

Confirmations: Update & Technical Issues! (Further Update 23/05)

Since the kick off of our 2023 Confirmations period, we've had a few questions raised and a lot of reports of mebers not having recieved the initial email. Don't panic! We've done some digging, found out what went wrong and are undergoing some work to put things right and reset the clock for those missed out!

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