VADM Tyler, DoFC

VADM Tyler, DoFC

Creator of things, writer of words, caffeine addict. Director of Communications for Starfleet Command Quadrant 2.

Priority Communications from Arctic Circle Outpost

Priority Communications from Arctic Circle Outpost Attention all hands! SFCHQ has received a priority communication from Seasonal Support Services. Please ensure plasma manifolds are open and unlocked by close of day Stardate 74980.82 and ensure visitors quarters contain the necessary supplies.

CBS unveils Discovery’s Season 3 Title Sequence & Character Promo’s

CBS unveils Discovery’s Season 3 Title Sequence & Character Promo’s Over the past few weeks we’ve had a few teases and previews for whats to come for the next Season of Star Trek Discovery as we enter a world of change in both their new home and in the production itself. The most intriguing piece of the puzzle for many being what the new Starfleet emblem looks like in the fut...[Read More]

Kate Mulgrew Announced for Star Trek: Prodigy

In a surprise announcement from the Star Trek Universe, it’s been announced that Captain Janeway herself is returning in animated form to take the big chair once again for Star Trek Pirodigy. Described as a show focusing on lawless teens finding an ancient Starfleet vessel and learning to explore the universe, it was a curious note of how these youngsters discovered the Starfleet way and now...[Read More]

SFCQ2 Comms: Tomorrow Is Yesterday | October 2020

As the crew of the Discovery leap forward towards the far future, we’re putting our focus on the wondrous tales of time travel throughout Star Trek and beyond! In our Retro Review we look at one of the most loved time travel movies in Star Trek, The Voyage Home, as well as another 80’s classic with Back to the Future in our On Screen feature. Plus we look back at the best Time Travel episodes in t...[Read More]

Star trek Discovery Season 3 Trailer

As we impatiently await to see what awaits the Discovery in the 32nd century, CBS All Access has launched a new trailer ahead of the third seasons launch featuring a glimpse at whats to come as well as a new logo for the show! (beware spoilers!). Discovery launches on CBS All Access on October 16th in the United States. Here in the UK & Europe it’ll be available October 17th on Netflix. ...[Read More]

First Trailer for Lower Decks

Following a group of officers with the worst assignment on board a less than interesting ship, Lower Decks is the latest new instalment to the growing Star Trek Universe and the first ever comedy-centric show to enter the Star Trek world. With production, cast and crew announced, the first season trailer was recently released to the world! First Trailer for Lower Decks With a global pandemic causi...[Read More]

Captain Pike & The Enterprise Returns for Strange New Worlds

A few months ago eagle eyed fans spotted that the Directors Guild of Canada added a page for a new show with an ominous title, Strange New Worlds. An obvious reference to, well, the obvious, it was presumed that this new show would be a continuation of Captain Pike’s Enterprise crew. Announced through EW, it’s been confirmed that Strange New Worlds is the next in line for Star TrekR...[Read More]

SFC Quadrant 2 Operations & COVID-19

Attention all hands! I’m sure everyone seen the news by now and the government advice to avoid all unessential travel and social interaction outdoors. We can’t tell anyone what to do (we’re not real Admirals, nor are we your mum!), however, in light of the recent advice coming from the Prime Minister – supported by all nations of the UK – the Director of Administratio...[Read More]



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