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SFCQ2 Comms

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[Fleet Alert!] Become A Fleet Expert!

Infinity Diversity in Infinite Combinations is a core truth of SFC and our policies, however there is one universal truth that we've all seen in every corner of Star Trek fandom; we like trivia, information and just knowing stuff. Whether it's a conversation about uniforms that devolves into actual fabric colours in the 60's, the ever ongoing debate of how many decks the Defiant has or even just t...[Read More]

Who Is… Ezri Dax?

There are a few characters in the Star Trek Universe we've spent generations with. And there are some who barely got a chance to shine. And there are some that expanded media have revived in their own way. In a return to our old Comms feature, we're looking into one of those who's short time in Trek lived on beyond the known universe and asking... Who is Ezri Dax?

Retro Review: The Emisarry

These days Star Trek can, and is, a collection of tales with multiple settings. From secretive science experiments, to unimportant Starships. In the 1990's Star Trek was seen as only one thing: A crew exploring space on the Enterprise. And there was even pushback to there being a different Enterprise and crew in the 80's before the launch of The Next Generation. But producers of the time weren't w...[Read More]

JJ Abrams Announces A Return To The Kelvin Timeline

Way back in 2016 during Star Trek Beyond's red carpet premiere in London, JJ Abrams confirmed there'd be a follow up to the Kelvin Timeline's Enterprise crew with expectations on Beyond being quite high. Despite it being one of the few earners that year for Paramount, it didn't quite meet financial expectations for it's budget.

Comms Is Coming!

Lockdown life and life in general have had a weird effect on our time table for... well, everything. Including Comms which had a huge delay earlier this year and we got a late start on for our next issue. But! Despite lockdown stress and life changes in the Communications Office, we're fuill steam ahead on our Summer issue!

A Fistful Of…. Other Worlds

Beyond the final frontier lies worlds even stranger than those encountered by heroic starship crews week after week. Running parallel to our world are many more. Some slightly different, some dramatically so and with each possibility time splinters into further alternate realities where everything that could be, is.

“The Needs Of The Many…” Retro Review: The Wrath of Khan

The first shot of the crew sitting at their regular stations, only for a new face – Saavik – in the big chair before everyone dies isn't quite the shock now as it was in 1982. Mainly as it's all too familiar to us. By now we all know the story. Admiral Kirk comes back to his old command to inspect Spock's class of cadets as they undertake field duty while, far out in the depths of the final front...[Read More]

Welcome to the Future! Star Trek Online Launches the Far From Home Lockbox Set

Continuing the recent updates to the game, Star Trek Online are adding more elements introduced in Discovery's third season from the 32nd Century following their debut of the Janeway Class and Book's trusty freighter among others. And of course, this is the ship a lot of players have been waiting for as STO is not only adding 32nd century uniforms and tools to their ever expanding content, but ...[Read More]

A Fistful of Q’s Best Moments!

In just a handful of episodes across three series so far, Q has become a bit of an iconic character since first being encountered at Farpoint where he put humanity on trial for being a barbaric and flawed species. Since then he's revisited the Enterprise, shattered the Continuum by having it's first child since the dawn of existence, tried to mate with Captain Janeway and generally became both a f...[Read More]

A Fistful of Admirals (Comms Preview)

Despite following the brave leaders sitting in the Captains chair, or destined to take it, for decades the captains of Starfleet changed the face of the galaxy on a weekly basis. But even deep into the final frontier, you still have to answer to the boss...

First Look at Star Trek Discovery Season 4

While we still recover from the third season of Discovery which wrapped up earlier this year with the Discovery crew warpinng out into the unknown as the face of 32nd Century Starfleet, Paramount+ - the new name from the now rebranded CBS: All Access - has given us a sneak peek at what's to come in the crews next adventure.

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