[SQ2&A] Rank. What Is It Good For?

Ever since the formation of SFC way back in the days of old, fans all over the world would immerse themselves in the idea of being as close to a real Starfleet as they could possibly get. Right down to it's orignisational structure. With Captains, Commanders and even Admirals living among us in the Starfleet world, fandom has both held on to the concept with some holding their rank and title close...[Read More]

[Admirals Blog] Busting Makes Me Feel Good…

I thought I was l being clever with the launch of Q2&A this month. Until I realised the three posts I'd written up mean that in the quarterly blog, unless I wasn't to go into statistics of the year so far and indulge in some rather dull pie charts and graphs. Which would send half the fleet into a state of deep, deep sleep. So I've decided to do something I've been putting off for a long, long tim...[Read More]

Officer of the Month April 2024: Tom Rose!

Returning for 2024, our Officer of the Month program has been reignoited after a long absence to highlight members of Q2 who stand out as fine examples of their fleet and their unit. Despite a minor delay to the return of the progrtam we're pleased ot anounce the first officer of the month for 2024!

[Fleet Alert!] Become A Fleet Expert!

Infinity Diversity in Infinite Combinations is a core truth of SFC and our policies, however there is one universal truth that we've all seen in every corner of Star Trek fandom; we like trivia, information and just knowing stuff. Whether it's a conversation about uniforms that devolves into actual fabric colours in the 60's, the ever ongoing debate of how many decks the Defiant has or even just t...[Read More]

[Admirals Log] “Change is the essential process of all existence.”

Since relinquishing the Comms role to focus on Admin, following the Fleet Confirmation we'd spent some time taking stock of things we'd like to change and refine to ensure all members get the most out of being part of Quadrant 2. I know membership is free, but we'd still like to make sure you feel like you're getting value for your latinum and get the most out of being part of Q2. We'll be doing s...[Read More]

[Away Team] USS Tesla Warps to Capital Sci Fi in Edinburgh

Today the crew of the Tesla are having a quiet catch up to start their year as planning is underway for more events to attend in 2024. However their next Away Mission is a little bit more public as the team are kicking off the event year at another of Scotland's most popular events: Capital Sci Fi!

Invictus: Stepping Down.

We all change, when you think about it, we're all different people; all through our lives, and that's okay. Or so The Doctor's Timelord wisdom tells us. And it's true. However, it saddens us to confirm a new change as we lose a valuable member of the Captains Table within Quadrant 2.

Prodigy: Season 2 And Beyond

Ahead of the series officially moving to Netflix this month, Star Trek Prodigy producers Dan and Kevin Hageman have announced that the highly anticipated second season has finally been completed and ready for launch in the near future.

Confirmations: Update & Technical Issues! (Further Update 23/05)

Since the kick off of our 2023 Confirmations period, we've had a few questions raised and a lot of reports of mebers not having recieved the initial email. Don't panic! We've done some digging, found out what went wrong and are undergoing some work to put things right and reset the clock for those missed out!

Annual Membership Confirmation 2023

As we head into our second quarter and look ahead to a busy summer, a restructure in our command structure means we're going full warp into a huge Admin period and one of the most essential (if a little dull!) parts of our membership process.

SFCQ2 Comms: All Good Things…

It's been a long road getting from last year to here. But finally Comms is here! And it's the end of an era in more ways than one.

Goodbye, Admiral…

Once upon a time, SFC was one. Then it was a shared name with different purposes. This was all down to one man. On Tuesday we lost that man. Mac McCubbin was  the founder of Quadrant 2. Through his efforts, passion and drive he created the founcations ofd why we’re alll here. He was the progenitor of what we would become. And for everything we’ve gained, built and achieved, it all came...[Read More]

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