[Admirals Log] “Change is the essential process of all existence.”

Since relinquishing the Comms role to focus on Admin, following the Fleet Confirmation we'd spent some time taking stock of things we'd like to change and refine to ensure all members get the most out of being part of Quadrant 2. I know membership is free, but we'd still like to make sure you feel like you're getting value for your latinum and get the most out of being part of Q2. We'll be doing s...[Read More]

Confirmations: Update & Technical Issues! (Further Update 23/05)

Since the kick off of our 2023 Confirmations period, we've had a few questions raised and a lot of reports of mebers not having recieved the initial email. Don't panic! We've done some digging, found out what went wrong and are undergoing some work to put things right and reset the clock for those missed out!

We Are Starfleet: 2018 Commendations List

To all hands, all stations: I hope that today has brought you joy, peace and – let’s face it, it’s what we’re all hoping for – merry bushels of loot. This year has been a busy one for the Admiralty and not without it’s challenges: with Discovery on our screens, interest in organised fandom has grown once again and we have welcomed a great many of those fans into...[Read More]

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