Fleet Alert!

[Fleet Alert!] Become A Fleet Expert!

Infinity Diversity in Infinite Combinations is a core truth of SFC and our policies, however there is one universal truth that we've all seen in every corner of Star Trek fandom; we like trivia, information and just knowing stuff. Whether it's a conversation about uniforms that devolves into actual fabric colours in the 60's, the ever ongoing debate of how many decks the Defiant has or even just t...[Read More]

[Away Team] USS Tesla Warps to Capital Sci Fi in Edinburgh

Today the crew of the Tesla are having a quiet catch up to start their year as planning is underway for more events to attend in 2024. However their next Away Mission is a little bit more public as the team are kicking off the event year at another of Scotland's most popular events: Capital Sci Fi!

Invictus: Stepping Down.

We all change, when you think about it, we're all different people; all through our lives, and that's okay. Or so The Doctor's Timelord wisdom tells us. And it's true. However, it saddens us to confirm a new change as we lose a valuable member of the Captains Table within Quadrant 2.

Annual Membership Confirmation 2023

As we head into our second quarter and look ahead to a busy summer, a restructure in our command structure means we're going full warp into a huge Admin period and one of the most essential (if a little dull!) parts of our membership process.

Goodbye, Admiral…

Once upon a time, SFC was one. Then it was a shared name with different purposes. This was all down to one man. On Tuesday we lost that man. Mac McCubbin was  the founder of Quadrant 2. Through his efforts, passion and drive he created the founcations ofd why we’re alll here. He was the progenitor of what we would become. And for everything we’ve gained, built and achieved, it all came...[Read More]

Comms Is Coming!

Lockdown life and life in general have had a weird effect on our time table for... well, everything. Including Comms which had a huge delay earlier this year and we got a late start on for our next issue. But! Despite lockdown stress and life changes in the Communications Office, we're fuill steam ahead on our Summer issue!

Changes to our Data & Privacy Policy

As part of our continued effort to improve our membership services, we've made some changes to how we handle and use personal data to allow a more streamlined experience for both members and unit leadership throughout Quadrant 2.

Service Update for SFCQ2 Membership Services

So far in 2021, we’ve been busy behind the scenes to set out some important changes for members of SFCQ2 that we’d like to highlight for all members going forward! MAILING LIST CHANGES In a minor change to our mailouts for Comms and special announcements, we’ll be making a minor change to our mailing list that may effect some members. As noted in our privacy policies and in the S...[Read More]

Priority Communications from Arctic Circle Outpost

Priority Communications from Arctic Circle Outpost Attention all hands! SFCHQ has received a priority communication from Seasonal Support Services. Please ensure plasma manifolds are open and unlocked by close of day Stardate 74980.82 and ensure visitors quarters contain the necessary supplies.

Fleet Alert From the Director of Fleet Operations

Attention All Hands – Urgent Message from DOPS: In this difficult time, I know that many of us have had to self-isolate, or are already restricted with health or mobility issues, so I would like to call upon Unit Commanding Officers and Senior Staff to endeavour to make sure we at least attempt to offer our members something to distract them from the ever-growing situation we find ourselves ...[Read More]

SFC Quadrant 2 Operations & COVID-19

Attention all hands! I’m sure everyone seen the news by now and the government advice to avoid all unessential travel and social interaction outdoors. We can’t tell anyone what to do (we’re not real Admirals, nor are we your mum!), however, in light of the recent advice coming from the Prime Minister – supported by all nations of the UK – the Director of Administratio...[Read More]

Starfleet Academy Undergoes An Overhaul

Throughout the year we’ve been taking on a lot of feedback on our Academy program and listening closely to what members old and new had to say on the process. After some deep reflection on how the system operates, as well as mirroring up it’s purpose in the current fan world, we’ve made a few changes… For decades Starfleet Academy has been one of the most unique introductio...[Read More]

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