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Welcoming the ISS Newcastle to Quadrant 2

Over the years Quadrant 2 has been, at it’s core, a place to welcome fans of Star Trek into our collective and share ideas, learn from our differences and come together as one. Over the years Quadrant 2 has both helped start and gained new units from all over the UK come together, and now we’re pleased to welcome another new unit to the fold! Following a long, honoured tradition, we ar...[Read More]

SFC Q2 Comms Update: Spring(ish) 2018

Breaking down the first season of Discovery, we take a close look at the second chapter with episode reviews, find the shows highlights so far, recap season two and in a full season review, tackle the big question; is it proper Star Trek? New Year 2018 Edition Includes: On Screen featuring Lost in Space, Black Panther, Star Trek 4 & More A Bold New Enterprise! Retro Reviews: The 2009 Star Trek...[Read More]

Shakedown Cruise: USS Tesla

Attention all hands! When SFC Quadrant 2 underwent a massive overhaul in recent years, a decision was made to pull back all members to two large units to help develop and grow stronger local connections and restart localised units when the time was right. After some developments over the past few months, and the unbridled enthusiasm of several members North of the border, I am pleased to say that ...[Read More]

Boldly Go…

Do you have what it takes to sit in this chair? In our latest edition of Comms we cover what it takes to lead a unit within SFC and give a sneak peek at new plans to revive local units in popular areas after our massive fleet wide orginisation in recent years. With a new show taking the world by storm and new opportunities within SFC, there’s no better time to step up to the challenge and le...[Read More]

SFC Q2 Comms Update: Autumn 2017

As a new adventure of Discovery begins we look at the latest news and info from Star Trek’s latest series, plus a peek at how the team began to re-imagine the history of our future. With launch well underway, we round up the who’s who of Discovery’s main characters and it’s ships, as well as take a close look at the debut episodes The Vulcan Hello, Battle At the Binary Star...[Read More]

Discovery: How & Where to Watch, Release Times & Opening Theme (video)

After a long wait, Star Trek Discovery is finally here! Those of us at SFC Q2 Headquarters are thrilled to be able to sit back and watch the first new Star Trek show in over a decade and are excited to witness the new era begin tomorrow! When & Where to Watch While US viewers can watch through CBS All Access, within the UK & Europe, Discovery will be available through Netflix. The first tw...[Read More]

Captain Lorca (Jason Isaacs) Helps Out At the Blackpool Illuminations!

Every year the Blackpool Illuminations begin with a massive concert to warm up to switching on the lights as the headline, and there was a buzz about adding Trek to the mix. But while Trek fans were asked to vote to include Star Trek in the illuminations, those attending for a bit of a surprise visit from one of Star Trek’s new captains…. Blackpool is the current home of the UK Star Tr...[Read More]

The Era of Discovery Is Almost Upon Us

In just over a month we’ll be charting a new course of Discovery as the next Chapter of Star Trek begins with an all new cast and all new future as Sonequa Martin-Green leads the crew as Commander Burnham alongside Jcason Isaacs (captain Lorca), Doug Jones (Lt Commander Saru), Michelle Yeoh (Captain Georgiou) and many more from Starfleet, The Federation and the Klingon Empire! The first new ...[Read More]

Discovery at SDCC Highlights! (New Trailer Included!)

Today the cast and crew of Discovery took the stage of Ballroom 20 at San Diego Comic con bringing with them news of the next chapter of Star Trek and sneak peeks ahead of the shows September debut! Michael Burnham During the panel we learned more about Burnhams relationship with Sarek and their back story. They revealed that Burnham/s parents were killed and that Sarek became a surrogate father t...[Read More]

Discovery Team Shows Off the New Props!

This week the cast and crew of Discovery are headed to San Diego Comic Con, hosting a panel with sneak peeks on the new show! On the run up to the media event, Discovery has been showing off some of it’s new toys in quick peeks at Starfleet’s new props. The Pin Starfleet officer reporting for duty. #StarTrekDiscovery premieres September 24 on #CBSAllAccess: https://t.co/LYe40AG2RY pic....[Read More]

Discovery heads to San Diego Comic Con!

Starfleet’s new officers are ready to make their first public appearance together in just a matter of days as Star Trek Discovery heads to the infamous media event, Dan Diego COmic Con! The event hinted at by Discovery’s Chris Obi several montha back will take place this Saturday, July 22nd in Ballroom 20 at Comic-Con International in San Diego. On hand for the event is series lead Son...[Read More]

A New Discovery: CBS Up Front 2017 Preview

After a long wait, and a quick tease earlier today, we got our first real look at the latest chapter of Star Trek at todays CBS Up Front presentations. The latest insight into Discovery follows the original teaser released at last years Up Fronts, as well as the first production video earlier this year. But this time we have a solid – and stunning – look at what Discovery will be and o...[Read More]

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