A Fistful Of Discovery’s Best Episodes (So Far…)

Since it's launch as Star Trek's new flagship show in 2017, Star Trek Discovery has made an effort to reinvent itself year by year to tell new stories with new styles and themes. Each season being it's own new mission, the crew began as distrustful strangers under the command of a cold tactician to living in the far future trying to restore the Federation into the utopia of it's prime.

[Ships Of The Line] Defiant Class – the ‘Tough Little Ship’

Starfleet ships are designed for exploration. The Defiant is one of very few designed to fight. Introduced in the third season of Deep Space Nine, the prototype Defiant was conceptualised to give Sisko and his crew a weapon to fight against the Dominion with, as well as to open up the wider world of DS9 in something a little heftier than a runabout. Initially planned to ba a larger version of a ru...[Read More]

A Fistful of Romulans

In recent years we've learned a lot about the Federations old enemy. First appearing on screens in 1966, the Romulans have had a lot of focus in the Star Trek universe through stories of political deception and intrigue. But in the past few years we've had the door to their mysterious and secretive empire open to explore new versions of the old enemy. Thanks in large part to the efforts of origina...[Read More]

A Fistful Of Unnoficial Ships Made Canon

Since the debut of the USS Enterprise in 1966, Matt Jeffries design became the template that every designer has helped to expand upon since, giving Star Trek it's own unique and easily identifiable style linking everything from the Enterprise-D to Discover for decades. Since then several designers have been hired to bring new iconic ships to Star Trek, including Andrew Probert, Rick Sternbach and ...[Read More]

Who Is… Ezri Dax?

There are a few characters in the Star Trek Universe we've spent generations with. And there are some who barely got a chance to shine. And there are some that expanded media have revived in their own way. In a return to our old Comms feature, we're looking into one of those who's short time in Trek lived on beyond the known universe and asking... Who is Ezri Dax?

[Inside Trek] Bill Krause: From Convention to Screen

Almost ten years ago now an unknown in the model making world entered a competition after being nudged by a friend, just because. Entering two of his favourite home-made Starfleet designs was a simple bit of fun thats now led to being an iconic part of Star Trek history.

[Ships Of The Line] Centaur Class

Before the age of CGI, Star Trek's art teams relied on models to bring Starfleet to life with the Next Generation and Deep Space Nine keeping the budgets down by re-using movie era designs as the backbone of the fleet. Even during the Dominion War arc where CGI was utilised at times, the fleet was filled with outdated Excelsior and Miranda class starships with the occasional Galazy, Nebula or Firs...[Read More]

A Fistul of Retro Revivals

Since it's inception, Lower Decks has had multiple cameo's and revivals over the years with Season Four showcasing some impressive returns from Chaotica himself causing chaos for the Lower Decks crew to Grand Nagus Rom and Lita boarding the Cerrtitos for trade negotiations. But with decades of canon to lift from, who else should take their retro guest spotliight?

A Fistful Of Underrated Episodes.

With close to 900 episodes – and a sure thing we'll hit 1,000 in the current era – we all have our favourite episodes of Star Trek across all the Generations. Whether thats seeing Sisko wrestle with morality in DS9's In The Pale Moonlight; watching the tense drama or Kirk versus the Romulans in Balance of Terror or TNG's turning point in Best of Both Worlds, the debates raged on for decades.

[Inside Trek] The Enterprise D Bridge Reconstruction

Nostalgia in long running series can be hard to balance, and for Star Trek itself it can be very hit or miss. Especially in a series like Picard that had nostalgia baked in from the word go -or engage – by bringing back one of the franchise's most loved and iconic characters. Despite the first season going out of it's way to showcase a new side of Jean Luc Picard, and the second delving into a ...[Read More]

A Fistul of Strange New Histories

Even before Strange New Worlds introduced it's new crew, the return of Captain Pike and his Number One in Discovery's second season had already given a new lease of life to the abandoned original crew of the Starship Enterprise. Now leading their own show and diving into two characters who'd barely had a chance to shine, the show has taken the opportunity to dive further into both underdeveloped c...[Read More]

Retro Review: The Emisarry

These days Star Trek can, and is, a collection of tales with multiple settings. From secretive science experiments, to unimportant Starships. In the 1990's Star Trek was seen as only one thing: A crew exploring space on the Enterprise. And there was even pushback to there being a different Enterprise and crew in the 80's before the launch of The Next Generation. But producers of the time weren't w...[Read More]

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